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The Munch's Make Believe Band Residency is the name for Munch's Make Believe Band stages apart of Retro/Legacy Stores. These residencies are going to be the last locations where MMBB stages will be present. Currently, the only permanent residency is the 2-Stage at the Northridge, CA (8425 Reseda Blvd) location.


The Munch's Make Believe Band Residency was created as an official response from corporate due to the backlash received by the destruction of animatronic stages during 2.0 Remodels. To stop the backlash and listen to their fans, CEC had the Northridge, CA (8425 Reseda Blvd) location keep its 2-Stage, alongside getting a Chuck E. Live Stage and Video Wall installed on the opposite side of the showroom.

CEC Corporate would state Northridge's importance by saying it was "long been visited by our fans" and "in celebration of the location's 40th anniversary", despite the location's 40th anniversary actually being 2 years prior in September 2021.

CEC also directly confirmed once every location got the 2.0 Remodel, Northridge would be the only store with animatronics remaining. Along with this, they noted the Northridge location to be the permanent showcase for "all legacy Chuck E. Cheese nostalgia". CEC would redirect all comments begging CEC to keep their animatronics at their local stores, stating that Northridge was "the perfect location to keep the animatronic fun going strong".

However, in March 2024 CEC went back on that claim by creating a future planning survey. This would lead to 4 other stages to be kept as "retro" or "legacy" stores as stated by the company. Out of the 4 stages saved, 3 of them were Munch's Make Believe Band stages, which means there will be 3 more Munch's Make Believe Band Residencies.

Store Procedure Changes[]

Munch's Make Believe Band Residency stores would get their store procedures altered to work with an animatronic stage and a Chuck E. Live Stage + Video Wall setup. Showtapes played at residency locations have the same main segments and advertisements on their Video Walls as other stores, but their intermissions are replaced with additional show segments; they are either programmed to the animatronics or not programmed at all. So far only two segments in a given showtape have this programming, alongside some live shows. The current birthday show has not been programmed yet.

Exclusive Showtapes[]

This is a list of all the exclusive showtapes at Munch's Make Believe Band Residencies.