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The Mini Unit Studio C (also known as the Mini Unit Studio C Alpha) is a smaller version of the Studio C Alpha. This stage has not been installed in a CEC location, but it is currently used in the CEC Entertainment Home Office. It was created to program showtapes for Studio C.


The Mini Unit Studio C is a programming stage originally used at the Showbiz Pizza Time Corporate Office to program new Studio C shows. It was originally a Studio C Alpha before being changed into the Mini Unit Studio C Alpha between at a unknown point the 2000s. It was most likely created to save space and to remove the stage features no longer used like the bluescreen. The Mini Unit Studio C Alpha would later relocate from the Showbiz Pizza Time Corporate Office to the new CEC Entertainment Home Office in July 2015. Unlike the CU 2-Stage, the Mini Unit Studio C Alpha wasn't changed or altered when reinstalled.


The Mini Unit Studio C Alpha uses only Chuck E.'s stage from the Studio C Alpha. Chuck's stage is a "late night talk show" theme with a desk that has 5 colored panels, a Pizza Phone, a green Apple TV, Bird, and a Pizza Time Clock. The Background is a cloudy sky with a window showing a city at night with a bridge with cars. The Applause and On the Air signs are placed above the stage and a TV to the right. There are also magenta curtains that can cover the stage.


  • Since the original Studio C Alpha was an early alpha stage, Chuck's desk can open up.


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