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The Mini Unit 1-Stage (also known as the Prototype 1-Stage), is a full character stage setup produced and installed in Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants from 1992-1994. It is a smaller version of the 1-Stage, with the characters and props crammed together.


As the name implies, the characters share 1 floor space to have the stage smaller. The rooftop setting and buildings are more vibrant compared to the 2 and 3-Stages, with more color and design than just grey and rectangles. Along with those, two brick walls are placed behind Chuck E. and Pasqually. Chuck's side has the fiber optic sign in black, and a red rope light replacing the 2-Stage star. Pasqually's side has the graffiti on the wall saying "Pasqually's Amateur Hour Live" instead of just "Pasqually's Amateur Hour". The "Munch's Make Believe Band Sign", which is Pink on this stage, hangs either above Pasqually's brick wall or right behind Mr. Munch. On this stage, Jasper sits on an amplifier. Finally, instead of a curtain valence, there is a wall piece.


  • The Mini Unit 1-Stage in Durham, North Carolina moved the Munch's Make Believe Band Sign where the CRT used to be and repainted their sign purple.


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