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Listen to the Rock is an original song that first debuted on August 29th, 2023.


Listen to the Rock! (3x)
It starts to resonate with a sound you can't ignore (Listen to the Rock!)
It can communicate like nothing you've heard before (Listen to the Rock!)
Cuz the rock's what we've got today (Aaaah) So listen up to what it's got to say (Aaaah)
Hey hey hey hey hey
Just Listen to the Rock!

Listen to the Rock! (2x)
It's time that we tune in to the wisdom it's giving us (Listen to the Rock!)
Whether sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous (Listen to the Rock!)
If you smell what it's cooking for you (Aaaah) Then you know what you've got to do (Aaaah) Woohoo
Just Listen to the Rock!

One two three four yeeeeaaaah!
Listen to the Rock!
Just listen to me
Listen to the Rock!
And the flowers and the trees
Listen to the Rock!
The rain showers and the breeze
Listen to the Rock!
And the mountains and the seas
Listen to the Rock!


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