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List of outfits that Mr. Munch wore over the years. Link to other characters: Chuck, Helen, Jasper, Pasqually.

Tux/Cool/Avenger Chuck outfits[]

First base outfit[]

Unlike Chuck E. and the other bandmates, Mr. Munch started out wearing no clothes when introduced as part of Pizza Time Theatre, but started wearing them as of the Concept Unification Premiere. His first base outfit just consists of a two-tone green and white baseball cap and matching sneakers, with the cap sometimes having the word "Pizza" written on the front.

Second base outfit[]

When the "Cool Chuck" era came around, Munch started wearing fully-clothed outfits more often. His main base outfit consists of an orange T-shirt with his purple "M" on the chest superimposed over a yellow and green diamond, matching green shorts, and the same green sneakers from the tux outfit. Walkaround versions make the sleeves of his shirt longer and yellow to hide the performer's arms, and retains the green cap from the Tux outfit as well. For Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000, to avoid interfering with the greenscreen, Munch's hat and shorts were changed to yellow like his shirt sleeves, and his sneakers changed to red.

An alternate version of this outfit discards the shorts, and Mr. Munch's "M" logo is replaced with the slogan "Eat more" with a picture of a pizza underneath.

Winter attire[]

Marathon outfit[]

Rockstar Chuck outfits[]

Base outfit[]

After being revamped as of 2012, Mr. Munch's base outfit remained almost the same as it was from the "Avenger" outfit, but had a few minor changes. He keeps the same shirt, but now has yellow lining along the collar and sleeves, and has layered green sleeves that stop to his elbows. His shorts were replaced with brown cargo pants, and now wears black sandals with orange straps. Also, his "M" logo is slightly modified to appear more slanted.

DJ Munch[]

Skeleton costume[]