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List of outfits that Helen Henny wore over the years. Link to other characters: Chuck, Jasper, Munch, Pasqually.

Pizza Time Theater outfits[]

First outfit[]

Second outfit[]

Tux Chuck outfits[]

Base outfit[]

Helen's main outfit for the Tux era introduced her new youthful and traditional design; with it, she wears a sleeveless dress with a black top and ruffled purple skirt, with purple lining along the edges of the shirt and a matching collar with flower tie. Her hair is in pigtails held with purple hairbows, and has light purple sneakers. She also has pantaloons under her skirt in the same color. On some walkarounds, Helen has her name logo over the left chest.

This outfit served as the main base outfit for Helen's animatronic; each location had a few personal alterations on whether or not she has her name on the shirt; also, differing animatronics changed her hair length, and her eyeshadow altered between blue and pink and whether or not it has sparkles.

Roller skater outfit[]

Beach outfit[]

Cool Chuck/Avenger Chuck outfits[]


This is Helen's base outfit for most of her walkaround forms. It is a sleeveless dress with a skirt that stops in the middle of her thighs, and comes in either green or purple, both with yellow trimming. It has two yellow sashes stretching down the torso area along with her "H" under the left shoulder, has the word "CHEERLEADER" written in the middle, and the "Varsity Capitan" title written across the bottom sash. Her sneakers are either green or light purple according on what colored version she is wearing, and has matching hairbows. Some early versions also have a ruffled collar at the neckline. Some walkarounds add sequins to her hairbows.

For the Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 movie, the logos on the torso were removed, the hairbows were bigger, and the purple version was used to avoid interfering with the heavy usages of green screening. The ruffled collar is also removed.

Wild West outfit[]

50s outfit[]

60s outfit[]

80s outfit[]

Helen wears a grey sweater with green collar, a red skirt, and green sneakers with darker green leg warmers.

Wild West outfit[]

Prehistoric outfit[]

Helen wears a dark green sleeveless fur dress with black spots and matching collar. She has two bracelets on either wrist.

Britney Spears outfit[]

For the 2000 "Chuck E." video, Helen wears a sleeveless metallic dark green crop top and black leather pants. She has green sneakers, and her hairbows are the same metallic green as the top.


Red jacket outfit[]

Pink flower outfit[]

This outfit was introduced around 2005 for artwork. It consists of a pink shirt with a white flower on it, blue bell bottom jeans, and white sneakers.

2006 music video[]

Marathon outfit[]

Rockstar Chuck outfits[]

Base outfit[]

Witch costume[]