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This is a list of every version of the 2-Stage.

Stores that Opened with a 2-Stage[]

Location Opening Date Current Condition/Notes Notes
Herndon, VA (2465 Centreville Rd) May 19, 1992 Had unique buildings that no other 2-Stage had. Replaced by Studio C Beta in 2007.
Orange, CT (82 Boston Post Rd) June 16, 1992 First 2-Stage to be installed in the New England Region, opened without Curtains which were added sometime later on. One of two 2-Stages installed in Connecticut. Jasper had his banjo until the mid 90s when it was replaced with a Flying Cheese Guitar. Replaced by Studio C Beta in August 2006.
Burlington, MA (10 Wall St) August 4, 1992 Also had Jasper's banjo. One of five installed in Massachusetts. Parts of the store's show sent to Springfield, MA to convert their 3-Stage into one of two Cyberamic 3-Stages, now destroyed. Closed on July 16, 2017.
Worcester, MA (50 Southwest Cutoff) August 18, 1992 Used to have side curtains before upgrading to newer Lift Curtains, which those were removed in 2014. After the location received 2.0, Chuck, Helen, and Jasper's top halves would be sent to Lowell, while Pasqually's mask would make its way to North Dartmouth. The parts are now destroyed since both of those locations got 2.0. Received 2.0 in October 2021.
Philadelphia, PA (9 Snyder Ave) September 15, 1992 One of 7/8 2-Stages installed in Pennsylvania. Received 2.0 in July 2022.
Waterbury, CT (650 Wolcott St) September 29, 1992 Not to be confused with the other Waterbury location at 983 Wolcott St, which opened as a Pizza Time Theatre in April 1982 and closed in 1984 with a Balcony Stage, this was the first Chuck E. Cheese's location to open in New England. Closed on June 25, 2020.
Natick, MA (801 Worcester St) November 17, 1992 The stage had a unique construction, having a hallway behind it. The hallway gave access to the restrooms and storage areas at the back of the store while also having special shape mirrors in various colors. Due to Cognex taking over the former restaurant space for offices in 2014, a second foyer was added. When the store closed in May 2020, the animatronics were destroyed and thrown in Cognex's dumpster. The space is now the warehouse for Cognex Corporation. Closed in May 2020.
Annapolis, MD (2333-A Forest Dr) April 10, 1993 Helen's mask grew mold in 2004, on her face and parts on her hands. Munch also has mold on his hands as well. One of five installed in Maryland. One of last two in the state. Still in Use
Brockton, MA (200 Westgate Dr) Spring 1993 One of five installed in Massachusetts. Only one in the state and New England without Pasqually's Brick Wall. First New England 2-Stage to be removed. Closed in April 2003.
Chesapeake, VA (1528 Sam's Circle) December 1996 One of six 2-Stages installed in Virginia. Stage from Merced, CA. SPT Distribution took the show after removal for 2.0. Received 2.0 in July 2023.
Cherry Hill, NJ (2100 Rt 38) August 25, 1992. Last 2-stage in New Jersey Received 2.0 in June 2023.
Miami, FL (20335 Biscayne Blvd) May 27th, 1993 Last 2-stage in Florida Received 2.0 in 2022.
Erie, PA (7200 Peach St) July 1992 Last 2-stage and cyberamic show in Pennsylvania Received 2.0 in October 2023.

Store that Converted their Existing Stage into a 2-Stage[]

Location Converted Into Stage Converted From Condition/Notes Status
White Settlement, TX (7750 Scott St) February 1992 C-Stage First ever 2-Stage to be installed after its creation. Closed on June 25, 2020.
San Antonio, TX (8220 Windsor Cross) February 1992 Had the Cabaret and the Lounge Area until the Phase 1 remodel. Chuck stood on a red platform. Relocated to Selma, TX due to complaints and the decline in business. Closed in December 2005.
Merced, CA (721 W Olive Ave) April 1992 Had unique 3-Stage buildings like the first two locations. Show sent to Chesapeake, VA where it operated until June 26, 2023. Closed in 1995.
Sacramento, CA (1690-96 Arden Way) Late 1992 Stage relocated to a different area during the 2005 Update of the Cool Chuck remodel in late 2008. One of many installed in California. Received 2.0 in January 2024.
San Jose, CA (2445 Fontaine Rd) 1993-1994 Largest CEC in the United States. Replaced by Studio C Alpha in 2001.
San Jose, CA (1371 Kooser Rd) Early 1993 Stage declined in condition, though many customizations were made to the show such as Chuck E. sporting a walkaround shirt for a period of time, the rope lights being added to the cityscape, and the fiber-optic sign being placed where the CRT TV was just like Stafford, TX. The show remained untouched until 2020 aside from the cosmetic changes. Show destroyed by a fan who worked at the location. Sold the remains of the show to various collectors and posted photos of the destroyed interior online. Closed on June 25, 2020.
Northridge, CA (8425 Reseda Blvd) 1993 Deemed as the Munch's Make Believe Band Residency, this location was planned to be a permanent home for its 2-Stage and "all legacy Chuck E. Cheese nostalgia", but CEC is planning to do other retro stores in the near future, as the Nanuet, NY location was confirmed to become a Retro Store by CEC Entertainment in May 2024. Still in Use
Danvers, MA (139 Endicott St) 1993 Entered into a district wide contest in 2001 for a Food Preparation Training video and won. Held a party in honor of CEC's 25th anniversary in 2002. Known for hosting CheeseVention from 2004 until August 2013. Danvers didn't renew its lease in late 2019, and COVID-19 came, which forced the store to close in April 2020. Closed on April 15, 2020.
Manchester, NH (1525 S Willow St) 1993 One of two installed in New Hampshire. Replaced by Studio C Beta in January 2006.
Baltimore, MD (8354 Eastern Ave) Late 1993 Road Stage One of five 2-Stages installed in Maryland. Closed on October 28, 2018
Fairfield, CA (1027 Oliver Rd) Early 1994 C-Stage Stage got into bad conditions after 2015. Chuck's hat remained past Fall 2013 when most stores were forced to remove them, though it was taken off around 2017. Closed in January 2021 and turned into a Gamex Pizza & Arcade. The exterior and interior remained untouched except for the removal of CEC's traces. The store also carried over most of its games from its closure as well. After a few months, Gamex Pizza & Arcade would permanently close. In early 2022, construction started the conversion back to Chuck E. Cheese, this time as 2.0. Reopened on July 12, 2022 with a 2021 Model Dance Floor and Video Wall. The area where the 2-Stage once stood was replaced with booths. Closed on January 5, 2021.
Willowdale, ON (2452 Sheppard Ave) Early 1994 Last location to have the Thumb Chuck "Star Cap" logo. Has a rare Chuck E. Cheese statue that is different from San Jose, CA that is still there. Still in Use
Tampa, FL (14308 Dale Mabry Hwy) 1994 Road Stage Show went into disrepair in late 2014 with all the animatronics barely working, except Munch (only lacking his hand movements & his left eye color being faded out). In August 2016, Grant (CEC Florida on YouTube) joined as Assistant Tech for the gameroom and showroom, and he started to fix the stage to get back to its normal state, including the addition of Neon Lights and adding both Chuck's Avenger Cap and working Curtains back onto the Stage. Animatronics were saved after the removal for the 2.0 remodel unlike other stores. Received 2.0 in August 2019.
Tinley Park, IL (16090 S Harlem Ave) 1994 C-Stage One of five 2-Stages installed in Illinois. Last Cyberamic show and the last 2-Stage in Illinois. Received 2.0 in November 2023.
Catonsville, MD (5912 Baltimore National Pike) Late 1994 Road Stage Former Road Stage. One of last two in Maryland. Stage removed for 2.0 as of May 2024. Received 2.0 in May 2024.
Huntington Beach, CA (15551 Edwards St) 1995 C-Stage Oldest operating CEC in the world as of June 2020, former oldest was San Jose (Kooser). Curtains sent to Northridge, CA for their 2-Stage at their Throwback Store. Chuck E. has Cool Chuck shorts. Last 70s location still open. Set to relocate sometime at the end of this year due to the owners not renewing the lease for the building. Still in Use
Newington, NH (30 Fox Run Rd) Fall 1996 Decent condition. Chuck had rare Cool Chuck outfit since cosmetic change in Summer 2008, cap removed in September 2013, and curtains removed in Fall 2014. One of two 2-Stages in New Hampshire. Now a Bernie & Phyls furniture store. Closed on March 31, 2018.
Virginia Beach, VA (2699 Lishelle Place) March 1997 3-Stage Originally housed the Rock-afire Explosion from opening until 1991, then converted into a 3-Stage. In 1995, the stage was converted once again back to the Rock-afire Explosion and then closed. Reopened in 1997 with a 2-Stage. One of 6 installed in Virginia. Reused from possibly the Johnson City, NY location. Received 2.0 in May 2022.
Arlington, TX (2216 S Fielder Rd) 1997 C-Stage Stage received parts from the Irving, TX location from when they got 2.0 in November 2019. Received 2.0 in November 2022. Closed on March 17, 2024.
San Antonio, TX (238 SW Military Dr) 1997 One of 8 installed in Texas. Relocated to new part of store in 2010. Received 2.0 in July 2017.