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List of outfits that Chuck E. Cheese wore over the years. Link to other characters: Helen, Jasper, Munch, Pasqually.

Pizza Time Theater Outfits[]

Base Outfit[]

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Chuck E.'s first base outfit for the Pizza Time Theater consists of just a red vest over a yellow sleeveless top, and a black bowtie, along with his trademark red derby hat. He did not wear pants, and is barefooted.

For the cancelled special The Christmas That Almost Wasn't, Chuck E.'s bowtie was navy blue.

Tux/Cool/Avenger Chuck Outfits[]

Tux base outfit[]

90 s Tux Chuck

Chuck E.'s base outfit for the Tux era is more lavish and dapper than the PTT era, and is the first to have him fully-clothed since originally just half-dressed. It consists of a black tuxedo with gold lapels and cummerbund, and black dress shoes with white spats. He keeps his derby hat, and his bowtie is changed to red. He sometimes carries a baton or cane. For his animatronic forms, Chuck E did not have pants and is barefoot.

For the later Tux years, Chuck E.'s tail was removed. It would not appear again until the Rockstar era.

First Cool base outfit/"Yellow Sweater" outfit[]

First introduced as part of the early "Tux" years before becoming part of Chuck E.'s main pose for the signfront up until 2004. Chuck E.'s first casual attire consists of a yellow sweater with his name written in black cursive letters on the chest, red shorts, and matching sneakers. The collar and cuffs are outlined in red, and there is a green stripe going across the shoulder area. He wore his original derby hat in the early years of the outfit, but was swapped out with his trademark red baseball cap, which originally had a star on the front before being replaced with his trademark yellow "C".

Second Cool base outfit/"Coach" outfit[]

Chuck E.'s coach outfit consists of a red long-sleeved sweater with a yellow oval on the front and a matching star on the back, blue sweatpants, and blue and white sneakers. His baseball cap is two-tone blue and red, and he sometimes carries a whistle around his neck.

Blue "C" outfit[]

This outfit is the one seen on some animatronics for existing stages; Chuck E. wears a navy blue T-shirt with a contemporary-stylized yellow "C" outlined in red, and either long jeans or khaki shorts. The sleeves are outlined in three stripes in the same red and yellow as the "C" logo. He also wears red sneakers.

In some artwork, the shirt is changed to red with yellow lining, and his cap is yellow and faces backwards.

Violet "Chuck" outfit[]

This is similar to the blue "C" outfit, with the exception the shirt is blue-violet and has a red oval with "Chuck" written in white letters.

Studio C outfit[]

Studio C Prototype

This is Chuck E.'s outfit for the Studio C (1997) setups, making him appear like a late-night talk show host. He wears a white t-t-shirt with red cuffs, and has a black button in the center. Layered over the shirt is a black sleevless vest with red trimming and long cummerbund at the back, and has a black and white checkerboard pattern running across the bottom center. He has two white wristbands, and he does not have pants and is barefoot. His hat is red with a black brim, and the "C" is black with a white outline, which is also seen on multiple walkarounds.

Awesome Adventure Machine outfit[]

Prehistoric outfit[]

Agent 00-Nothing[]

"Austin Powers" parody outfit[]

1950s casual outfit[]

This outfit consists of a two-tone grey and silver short-sleeved camouflage-patterned button-up shirt and matching slate grey shorts. Chuck E. retains his derby hat and red bowtie from his Tux outfit, and is barefoot.

1970s Disco suit[]

1980s sweat suit[]

Cowboy outfit[]

Broadway outfit[]

Film Director outfit[]

First Galaxy 5000 outfit[]

G5K first outfit

This outfit is similar in appearance to the coach outfit but with a few modifications. The sweater replaces the oval with Chuck E.'s trademark "C" and removes the star from the back, and his sneakers were changed to red and white. His hat remains the same like most walkaround appearances.

Galaxy 5000 racing uniform[]

For most of the movie, Chuck E. wears a NASCAR-style racing uniform with long-sleeved jacket and matching attached pants, whose sleeves and legs are cuffed and tucked in more. It is red on the top third of the jacket and blue from the pecs downward, the same colors as the first outfit but the red is slightly darkened, and is covered with various patches showing parodies of real-life companies. There is a black and white checkered flag pattern running across the pec area of the jacket and stretches across the bottom of each sleeve and the outer areas of the pant legs. On the outer areas of the sleeves running from the wrist to the shoulder is the title "Chuck E. Racing Team" written in big, black uppercase letters. Lastly, the shoulders are topped with blue epaulettes with gold trimming. He keeps the same red and white sneakers from the first outfit, in addition to wearing the same hat.

Avenger Base outfit[]

Avenger Chuck E.'s main outfit consists of a purple T-shirt with his yellow "C" in the middle with green trimming, green patterned shorts, and white sneakers with black trimming and red laces, with yellow socks. Alongside the side of his shirt and on top of the sleeves are three two-tone stripes in green and yellow. He has two different hats in the same color as his shirt; a forward-facing purple and green baseball cap with his "C" as seen on his animatronic and walkarounds, and some artwork, and a similar backward-facing baseball cap with the same stripes on the side of his shirt which he wears most often. He also has light green pads on his elbows and knees, and wears black skater gloves with white/red symbols on the dorsal sides, which were initially full hand before becoming fingerless.

In walkaround forms, Chuck E.'s shirt had layered long green sleeves the same color as his shorts, in a way to hide the performer's real arms. His shoes are also changed to green and yellow some times.

Sports gear[]

2006 "Commodores" outfit[]

Chuck E. wears a brown short-sleeved T-shirt with beige stripes, light blue jeans, and white sneakers. He also has a brown baseball cap.

2006 "Romantics" outfit[]

Chuck E. wears a black short-sleeved t-shirt with minimal shreds along the chest, exposing white material beneath, grey jeans, and white sneakers. He also has a red belt around his right thigh.

2008 "BTO" outfit[]

Super Chuck[]

As a superhero, Chuck E.'s shirt and shorts were more buffed out, his "C" emblem has been modified to have a wide green border, and wears a belt with the same emblem as the buckle. His hat, gloves, and shoes remain the same, and has a red superhero cape. In walkaround forms, he wears a blue eye mask.

Marathon outfit[]

Chuck E. wears a blue-violet bodysuit layered over an olive green medium-sleeved shirt and shorts, and white sneakers. He has a number 1 on his chest.

Rockstar Chuck outfits[]

Base Outfit[]

Chuck E. Cheese

Rockstar Chuck E.'s main outfit is virtually similar to the Avenger outfit, but has a few modifications. He wears the same purple T-shirt with yellow "C" with green trimming, but the stripes along the side have been removed, it has a green collar and cuffs, and a matching stripe stretching across the lower third. He has swapped the green shorts for long denim jeans, and has dark red low-top sneakers with yellow laces and trimming. Due to his tail being added back since the Tux Chuck era, his jeans have a hole at the back for it to poke through.

MC Hammer outfit[]

Pirate costume[]

First vampire costume[]

Second vampire costume[]