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The Lake Forest Stage was a unique stage design exclusive to the Lake Forest, CA (24416 Muirlands Blvd) store. It looked like a mix between a Cyberamic Portrait and Balcony Stage, with some C-Stage elements. It was installed in 1986, having it's special look from the beginning until Fall 2001, when Lake Forest would close and relocate.


The stage was a mix between a Cyberamic Portrait and Balcony Stage, although it also slightly resembles the C-Stage. The location previously had a Cyberamic Portrait Stage from opening in 1981 to the 1986 remodel during which the characters were moved closer together and the Warblettes were removed entirely.


  • The clapper board and flag wavers remained, making the flag wavers the second to last one used at a location, only behind the Simi Valley location.
  • They also had the last beta cyberamic jasper, explaining his 1979 mask and mech.
  • This stage had changed to Helen's 90's outfit but kept her PTT Mask and custom light fixtures were added to side at some point in the mid 1990's.


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