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The Just for Kids Show is a showtape that played at CEC Locations through out April to June 2000. It was later reused for the AM part of January 2010. As the title suggests, this show features songs that are just for kids.

Show List[]

Segment 1[]

Intermission 1[]

  • VeggieTales: "The Song Of The Cebu"
  • VJ Spot
  • CECTV ID - Rocketship

Segment 2[]

Intermission 2[]

  • Eddie Coker: "The H Word"
  • Nascar Racers Promo
  • VJ Spot
  • CECTV ID - Cow Abduction

Segment 3[]

Intermission 3[]

  • VeggieTales: "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"
  • VJ Spot
  • CECTV ID - Rocketship (Version 2)

Segment 4[]

  • "Big Rock Candy Mountain"
  • "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain"
  • "I've Been Working On The Railroad"
  • "Oh! Susanna"
  • "Sing a Song of Sixpence"
  • "Baa Baa Black Sheep" / "The Alphabet Song" / "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Intermission 4[]

  • Eddie Coker: "The Woo Woo Dance"
  • VJ Spot
  • CECTV ID - Cow Abduction
  • Book Your Party Online Promo


  • This was the final showtape to feature Karlisa McKinney as Helen Henny for dialogue.
  • This was the first showtape to use the alternate version of the Rocketship ID.