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Jasper T. Jowls





Voice Actor:

Jeremy Blaido (2014-present)


Chuck E. Cheese (Rockstar Era), Helen Henny (Rockstar Era), Mr. Munch (Rockstar Era), Pasqually (Rockstar Era), Bella

Jasper is a very happy and positive pup. This is the most recent version of the Jasper T. Jowls character. Jasper T. Jowls is another major character from Chuck E. Cheese’s. Jasper has mostly stayed the same as his Avenger counterpart, aside from his much more drastic redesign. His former wisecracks have been held back more and now he mostly focuses on getting something done. Although he might get easily irritated, he has his friends' best interests at heart, and tries to get the most out of them. Jasper also started to do more dog-like activities such as chasing his tail, playing with tennis balls, chasing after trucks, eating steak, and barking. Jasper has got redesigned in 2014, but Jeremy Blaido remains as his voice actor. He’s also now the bassist for Munch’s Make Believe Band and Chuck E. replaces him as the new lead guitarist.

Physical Description

Jasper's snout has gone back to its original tan shade reminiscent of his ancestor, PTT Era Jasper. His eyes are amber, and he is always seen wearing a blue shirt and jeans with cowboy boots. This is also the first time he's without a cowboy hat of sorts. He also speaks with a Southern accent.


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