Jasper T. Jowls





Voice Actor:

John Widelock (1977,demo voice)
Scott Paulin (1977-1985)
Bob West (1986-1990)

Jasper T. Jowls is one of the original Chuck E. Cheese's characters.


In the earliest days of PTT, Jasper had a low and dopey voice. He came from the woods of Tennessee, and spent his time playing the banjo. He was very dimwitted and usually never caught on to the insults Chuck E. Cheese threw at him, though he would snap back at him on occasion. To go with his idiocy, he was also quite the lunatic. Jasper laughed all the time and howled on stage, greatly annoying Chuck, who would often yell "TURN OFF THE FRUITCAKE DOG!", which would cause the backstage technicians to supposedly turn off Jasper, which would stop his laughter and calm him down.

Even with his obnoxious actions, he was romantic to almost every Guest Star of the PTT Era. (With an exception to Madame Oink and Helen Henny.)  He spent time with Foxy Colleen backstage, Sally Sashay complimented him throughout her show, and the most definite one was his obvious crush on Harmony Howlette.

As the guest star days faded away, Jasper gradually became smarter and got a higher voice. He stayed this way until the onset of Concept Unification.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Jasper is a brown hound dog with large "jowls" as his name suggests. He had buck-teeth, and wore blue overalls with a straw hat. In addition, he had brown shoes.