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Jasper T. Jowls
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Voice Actor:

Reggie Smith (1995)
Bob West (1996–1998)
Jeremy Blaido (1999-April 2011; January 2012-2014)
Robert Gotcher (May-September 2011)

Avenger Jasper is the 3rd iteration of the Jasper T. Jowls character.


Avenger Jasper debuted in 1994 when the avenger era was booming It also started when the voice acting was taken over by Jeremy Blaido in early 1999 He had the same personality as the Tux Jasper, but as time went on, he started to morph into a wisecracking bloodhound. Jasper at this point became like the PTT Chuck E. in the way that he would make fun of the other characters (most notably Chuck E. whenever Helen would speak romantically toward the mouse), but it was greatly decreased during the Rockstar Era in 2014.

Jasper was mostly supportive of his friends, but he always fought with Pasqually about his terrible jokes. He’s faster doing things than the rest of the band, but Chuck always talks him into it. He plays the lead guitar, the banjo, the acoustic guitar and the harmonica on the show tapes.

Physical Description

Avenger Jasper is very much similar to Tux Jasper in design. He has a large snout, brown eyes, a cow-dotted shirt, and blue overalls.

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