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The January 2009 Show (aka Chuck E. Cheese's Totally Awesome 80s Show) is a showtape that played at CEC locations throughout January to March of 2009. It features songs from throughout the 1980s.

Show List[]

Segment 1[]

Intermission 1[]

  • CEC TV ID-Fireworks
  • Madagascar 2 DVD Promo
  • Bike Riding

Segment 2[]

Intermission 2[]

  • CEC TV ID-Astronaut
  • ETV Spot (Exercise Spot #1)
  • 3, 2, 1 Penguins

Segment 3[]

Intermission 3[]

  • CEC TV ID-Boy And Girl Helmet
  • Artist Spotlight-Laurie Berkner Band-Mouse In My Toolbox
  • CEC Commercial

Segment 4[]

Intermission 4[]

  • CEC TV ID-Pizza Burp
  • ETV Spot (Excercise Spot #2)


  • Both songs in the first segment were Tears for Fears covers.
  • The "Shout" video reveals Chuck E. had braces once.
  • In the first segment, Munch is trying to remember a pizza place from the 1980s, which is possibly a nod to ShowBiz Pizza Place.
  • Both "Overkill" and "Little Bit of 80's" feature footage of the band performing on a dollhouse-like stage.



January 2009 Show/Transcript