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Segment 1[]

  • Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's show time! So put your hands together for Chuck E. Cheese!


(Song ends; hold for applause)

  • Chuck E.: Well, thanks, folks! Hahaha... thank you very much!
  • Munch: (yawns) Boy... I'm sleepy.
  • Jasper: Um, we're not keeping you awake, are we?

(Everyone laughs)

  • Munch: I must have stayed up too late last night, doing my chores.
  • Jasper: Chores? Did you say chores?
  • Munch: Yeah, chores.
  • Jasper: I love chores!
  • Pasqually: Eh, what?
  • Helen: What? Crazy!
  • Munch: Huh?
  • Chuck E.: What?
  • Jasper: No, not chore chores, but "Chores"! It's a fun song I just wrote about doing things around the house before you go out to play. Y'all want to hear it?
  • Others: Sure!
  • Jasper: Well, alrighty!


Segment 2[]

(The segment opens with the curtains opening too early revealing the band rehearsing.)

  • Agent's Voice: Yeah, okay guys, uh... give me the camera gal?
  • Pasqually: Oh! Oh, the kick!
  • Agent's Voice: Okay, uh...good.
  • Helen: Lalalalala, lalalala... Ahem. How does this sound, Jasper? Lalalala...
  • Agent's Voice: Hey, is this the snare? I meant the snare?
  • Chuck E.: Ahem...

(Munch realizes.)

  • Munch: Uh-oh. Oh boy. Hey, guys!
  • Helen: Yeah, what's up?
  • Jasper: What's goin' on?
  • Helen: We're ready?
  • Munch: The curtains are open!

(They all realize the curtains are open and everyone in the restaurant saw them; Helen gasps while Pasqually giggles nervously.)

  • Jasper: THEY'RE OPEN?
  • Chuck E.: (nervous) Well, hey, folks! I uh... uh... welcome to my place! Uh...
  • Jasper: Need me to bail you out there, Chuck?
  • Chuck E.: Yes?

(The audience laughs; Jasper starts playing the intro to All for You.)

  • Jasper: Alright guys, I'm in the key of A-flat major. Watch me for the changes. One, two, one, two, three!

Segment 3[]

Segment 4[]