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The January 2005 Show is a showtape that played in CEC stores from January 2005 to March of 2005. This show ties in with the Winter 1-derland promotion.

Show List[]

Segment 1[]

Intermission 1[]

  • Coke Spot 1
  • VeggieTales: "Larry Sings The Blues"
  • Countdown 1
  • Football
  • The Tube Explorer
  • Countdown 2

Segment 2[]

Intermission 2[]

  • Funimation: "Marvin The Tap-Dancing Horse"
  • Countdown 3
  • Winter 1-derland Spot
  • Eddie Coker: "I Believe"
  • Countdown 4

Segment 3[]

Intermission 3[]

  • Coke Spot 2
  • VeggieTales: "Schoolhouse Polka"
  • Countdown 5
  • CEC TV News
  • Funimation: "Connie The Cow"
  • Countdown 6

Segment 4[]

  • "Ranchin'" (The Bee Gees; parody of "You Should Be Dancin'")
  • "Blue Suede Shoes" (Elvis Presley, Carl Lee Perkins version covered)

Intermission 4[]

  • Funimation: "Marvin The Tap-Dancing Horse"
  • Skateboarding
  • Countdown 7
  • Firehouse
  • Funimation: "Braceface"
  • Countdown 8


  • There are three intermissions that appear on the January 2005 Show dvds that never made an appearance in the show. This includes:
    • Hockey, a music intermission featuring footage of a children's hockey game. The music is actually the instrumental to "Dreamin'" from the April 2004 Show which was suppose to appear after Marvin The Tap-Dancing Horse in Intermission 2. Despite it still being announced in the Newsletter as part of the show, it most likely had to do with the different advertisements in the ice rink, and hockey being cancelled during the season.
    • Coke Spot 3, which is actually a reused Coke Spot from the September 2004 Show (the one with the "Drinkin' A Coca-Cola" footage and 1 Minute Break Music).
    • Elliot Moose, another clip of a Funimation cartoon.
  • Chuck E.'s curtains close during "Blue Suede Shoes" on all versions.
  • This is the second and last showtape to feature Jump5 covers.



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