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It's A Date is a song that was first debuted in Show 5 2015


Hi, Chuck E.!
(Chuck E.)
Hey, Helen! Ready to go hang out?
Oh, yes. I'm so excited for our date today.
(Chuck E.)
Date? I thought we were just hanging out?
I've got the whole date planned!
(Chuck E.)
You do?
We'll go to the park
And walk hand in hand
You'll bring me some flowers
And make me a bouquet
You'll play are guitar
And we'll have a picnic
What a delightful, and glorious day
You'll read me some Shakespeare
We'll go antiquing
Then it's time for tea
We'll walk through the square
And then get some ice cream
My date with Chuck E. Cheese (2x)
(Chuck E.)
Uh, that's not really what I had in mind.
Well, what do you mean, Chuck E.?
(Chuck E.)
We're going to a concert
And then we'll ride our skateboards
We'll go get some tokens
And play in the game room
We're gonna ride some Go-Karts
And then we'll play some football
We're gonna have a good time
On a super cool awesome day
And then we'll go fishing
And maybe play some disc-golf
Then we'll watch some baseball on TV
We'll go run to the square
And then we'll grab some ice cream
Hangin' with Helen
I'm feeling so swell-en
I'm hangin' with Helen Henny
(Steve Waters)
Why don't you stop acting like a couple of babies and do both?
(Chuck E. and Helen)
Let's do it!
(Verses 1 & 2 repeat simultaneously)
(Chuck E.)
By the way, was that Steve Waters riding a unicorn?
Yeah, I think so!
(Chuck E.)
Oh well. Ready to go?
(Steve Waters)
I could go for some ice cream too! What do you say?


  • This is Ronaldo ''Ronnie'' Sagittarian's first appearance.
    • Chuck E. called Ronnie "a unicorn" in this song because his name wasn't revealed until Counting Sheep, which was released the same year.