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The Interactive Console was an interactive element found at Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants, included alongside the Studio C Alpha. It is one of many Studio C Assets. As the name suggests, it appeared as a desk with many buttons and lights, and three small TV screens.

The first location to have the console was Brookfield Wisconsin, but it was removed in 2012 before the Phase 4 remodel. The Grand Chute Wisconsin Location had a unique interactive console with The Flintstones game in a different language. Sadly, it was removed between April 2014 - Summer 2016. The Chuck E. Cheese's location in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Corniche) featured the one of a kind Studio C Alpha/Prototype Mix, in which it featured two Interactive Consoles until they were removed in the 2010s. Corniche would later close in July 2019 for unknown reasons.

The last Interactive Console was at the Bridgewater, New Jersey location. Unfortunately, It closed on April 7, 2024, The console was saved, but the Studio C bot was destroyed.


Voice Clips[]

  • Chuck E.: "Alright, ALRIGHT! Who's got my master remote?!?"
  • Bird: "(squawks) Roll tape, roll tape!"
  • Announcer: "Lights... camera... ACTION!"

Console Clips[]