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I Need a New Wheel is a song from the April 2012 showtape. It is a parody of "Head Over Heels" by Tears for Fears in 1985.

It was later re-recorded for the January 2013 Show.


Chuck E.: I wanted to go riding my bike
Outside there was nice weather
Down at the park, the bike trails put a smile on my face
If I could, I'd ride forever

There'll be people, laughing couples walking hand-in-hand,
Today could not be better
Now, why is there a hissing coming out from my wheel?
Oh no, I, I've got a flat tire!

My bike is broken and I need a new wheel,
So I can go out riding over the hills
My bike is broken and I need a new wheel,
Oh, I hit some bump, my bike is done,
Now what am I gonna do?!

Jasper: I opened up a bike shop so that I can help out
Those who want to go riding
I have not had a customer, all I need is one
No, no, no, this is such a bummer!

My mother and my father told me medical school
Aw man, why didn't I listen?
What's that, I see a mouse who's got some needs for his bike
Oh yeah, I'll fix it up for him!

His bike is broken, and he needs a new wheel
So he can go out riding over the hills
I'll fix it up for him, yeah, I'll give him a deal
His bike, oh man, made a new friend
Oh, what a wonderful day!

Helen, Munch, and Jasper: La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la-la (repeated until end)

Chuck E.: I'm riding up, and then I see

Pasqually: (singing opera-like; repeated until end)

Chuck E.: We're best friends riding bikes
Come join us on... a bike ride
We're best friends riding bikes
Come join us on...
A bike... ride...

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