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I Know I Can is a song from Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000.

Having been diverted off-course during the Galaxy 5000's final race, Chuck E. feels nervous and uncertain, but through the encouragement of his teammates and Harry, he gradually gains more confidence and overcomes all his self-doubts as he achieves Vega-3 to finally beat the X-Pilots and win.


(I Know I Can part)
Chuck E.: Yes, I think I can do it
But I've got to know that I can
But was my training enough?
Is this a part of the plan?

Jasper and Munch: No more doubting, Chuck E.,
Now you gotta be sure
You can do it, you're the one
You can make the score

Chuck E.: But can I handle Vega-3?
It's really hard to know
There's no more time for guessin',
Hold on guys, HERE WE GO!!!

(Zoom Gas part)
X-Team: Zoom Gas
Just a squirt in your face
Zoom Gas
And you can win the race
Zoom Gas
Dr. Zoom: Guaranteed first place

(I Know I Can part)
Harry: No matter what the speed,
You know where to begin
Use your training, turn believing
Into knowing that you can win

Helen: Come on, Chuck E.,
Be all that you can be
You can do it, you're the one,
You can handle Vega-3

(Zoom Gas part)
Munch: Chuck E.! (X-Team: Oh, usin' Zoom Gas)
Jasper: You can do your best
Munch: Chuck E.! (X-Team: Yeah, we're goin' fast)
Jasper: Forget the rest
Munch: Chuck E.! (X-Team: We can win the first place)
Jasper: We can pass this test!
Munch: Test!
Jasper: YEAH!

(I Know I Can part)
Chuck E.: Yes, I can do it
Now I know that I can
Believin' and ascendin' to knowin'
It's time to take a stand!!!

(Zoom Gas part)
X-Team: Zoom Gas,

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