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I Didn't Need to Be Afraid is an original Halloween song that was released in Show 6 2018.


Munch: Oh, gee, Chuck E. This shortcut sure is spooky.
Chuck E.: Well, we wouldn't have had to take the spooky shortcut if you hadn't taken so long trick-or-treating!
Munch: But Chuck E., that one house was handing out pizza!
Chuck E.: That's because it was Chuck E. Cheese's!
Munch: Oh, well that explains why they had all those video games, eh? Oh... it's so scary out here! I just don't think I can go any further!
Chuck E.: Come on, Munch. What are you so afraid of?
(Music starts)
Munch: I don't know, Chuck E.! That's the problem! What if... what if... Chuck E...?!

What if there's a ghost drifting through the air?
A spooky sort of specter with a haunting stare?
Even though you wouldn't see him he could be right there
That's something you don't see every day

He's filled to the brim with ghoulish glee
And could easily be hiding right behind this tree
Just dying to appear and say "BOO!" to me
And that's why I'm feeling so afraid

Chuck E.: Well, I can understand that it's hard to be brave
When things that you imagine make you feel afraid
But when you run away, you'll see that it's true
That your imagination runs away with you

Munch: Oh, the thoughts that I'm conjuring I'm most confined
Are scaring up these feelings of fear inside
I wish that I could find a place to run and hide...
AAAAAHHHHH!!!! CHUCK E.!!! Look, a g-g-g-g... a g-g-g-g... kitten?? Hmm...
I guess I didn't need to be afraid

Chuck E.: See, Munch? It was just Copernicus.
Munch: Yeah, what's he doin' out here? Oh! But wait... Chuck E...!!

What if there's a vampire lurking in the night?
Just to count calculating in the pale moonlight?
He's grinning with a razor sharp overbite
The kind that keeps the dentist far away

With his eyes of red and his cape of black
He could slowly be creeping up behind my back
Waiting for the opportunity to make me a snack
That's why I'm feeling so afraid

Chuck E.: Oh, Munch...
Think for a minute and you will find
The scariest of scary is all in your mind
So best be courageous or you'll see that it's true
That your imagination gets the best of you

Munch: Oh, I know something's coming, that will give me a start
I keep my eyes covered and I hold my heart
I think not knowing is the scariest part...
Chuck E.: Munch? It's just a plastic bag.
Munch: Oh! Huh...
I guess I didn't need to be afraid

I was sure that was a vampire.
Chuck E.: (giggles) Nope, just your imagination.
Munch: (gasps) But Chuck E...!!!!

What if there's a witch watching from the sky?
A wacky witchy woman with her wand held high?
Riding on a broom just a-whisking by
Cleaning up the dust along the way

With her big black hat and her cold green skin
A wart residing on her pointy chin
She's stirring up a stew she wants to stew me in
And that's why I'm feeling so afraid


Oh, I think of something scary and my heart just stops
My teeth start to chatter and my knees knock knock
But when I want to run away, I can't see
That my imagination runs away with me...OH!!!!!!

Sometimes the world is a frightening place
My courage seems to disappear without a trace
But whenever there's a fear that i'm afraid to face...

Vampire: AH! It's a purple monster! RUN!
(Witch and ghost scream)
Munch: Hmm!

I guess I didn't need to be afraid!


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