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Hot Fudge was a stage format used at 6 Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre locations from 1983-1984. They were based on puppet characters from the TV show of the same name.


Hot Fudge was installed at 6 locations from 1983-1984 during Pizza Time Theatre's bankruptcy. This is because it was too expensive to install new balcony stages during the bankruptcy. The locations that got the stage were Clawson, MI, Warren, MI, Okemos, MI, Warwick, RI, Danvers, MA, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The names of each of the characters was different from location to location. The names were decided by local contests were people could submit names for the animatronics. The only known names are from Clawson, Michigan, who kept their show names of Mona, Seymore, and Mr. Kootch.


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