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Home for the Holidays is a holiday short that was first released on Show 7 2018. It was later released on the Chuck E. Cheese Youtube channel.


During every December, Munch celebrates a Holiday called, "Purple Comet Festival" which he normally celebrates on his planet, Planet Purple. He forgets what the holiday was several times. Jasper then replies, "Christmas". Pasqually then asks Helen where the pots & pans are, he needed them for Christmas Cookies. Chuck unfortunately felt bad about Munch's Home and that he can't celebrate. Munch then did an attempt to take a sled there. He then starts screaming, while a squirrel appears on the screen. Pasqually then gets worried about ruining Helen's kitchen. Meanwhile, Munch ends up stuck on Helen's chimney. The same squirrel then appears in the Tea kettle. The rest of the Munch's Make Believe Band brought the Purple Comet Festival to him.


Voice Cast[]

Writing Team[]

  • Matt Daniel
  • David Andrade
  • Justin Thibault
  • Juan Bouza
  • Kate Sims
  • Kerian Phipps
  • Jill Blue
  • Derek Barker
  • Mike Garland
  • Dave Wasler


  • Ann Ward
  • Michelle Starkovs
  • Carolina Estevez 
  • Jenifer Bruan
  • Cynthia Cooper
  • Evan Detwiler
  • Andrew DiDomeniico
  • Alena Wagner


  • Daniel Manoiu


  • This is the first and only CEC Short to credit Caroline Richardson as Helen Henny in the ending credits.
  • This is also the last fully animated short of 2018, as the next fully animated content for CEC would be Pumpkins In My Pocket in Show #4 2019.


  • When Chuck E. countdowns from 3, When He stops counting down, His mouth doesn't stop until one short second
  • Juan Bouza's full name was only credited in one portion in the end credits sequence.





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