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Helen Henny
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Voice Actor:

Stephanie Nadolny (1995-1996 speaking voice)
Cathy Turner (1995-1996 singing voice)
Karlisa McKinney (1996-2000 speaking voice)
Annagrey Labasse (1996-2000 singing voice; 2000-2014 entire role)

Avenger Helen is the 3rd incarnation of Helen Henny.


Avenger Helen started in 2000 when the Avenger era started shaping up. Tux Helen’s singing voice actress, Annagrey Labasse became the main voice of the chicken while Karlissa McKinney was retired.

This version showed her to be older, and her potential crush on Chuck became much more apparent. She teased him about it on stage, usually resulting in him getting nervous, shying away, or attempting to quickly change the subject. During this era, she tried to give wisdom to the band when they started making fun of one another, or when a situation appeared. She also plays the bass guitar, the acoustic guitar and the tambourine in most showtapes.

Physical Description

Avenger Helen kept the original design, but she brought back the long gone blonde hair from the early years of the PTT Era. She had white feathers. Her outfit changed very often. She wore a red jacket and denim shorts and a green/purple cheerleading outfit.


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