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Havin' A Party is a song sung by Munch's Make Believe Band, with the same tune and as a parody of their other songs, "Treat em like you wanna be treated" from the friends showtape, from the previous year, as 'Havin' A Party' debuted in 1992.

Recording History[]

This debuted in 1992, and interestingly, this didn't appear in a show tape, unlike the aforementioned song, that this was being a parody of. And this song was recorded by Scott Wilson as Chuck E. and Munch, Karlisa McKinney as the speaking role of Helen, along with Annagrey Labasse for the singing, with also in addition of having her first Live show being recorded. Bob West performed as Jasper T. Jowls (for the speaking), and Pasqually's entire role, while Charles Stewart provided the singing voice. This song was interestingly performed along with Chuck E.'s Place, a song that also debuted in the friends show tape. 9 years later surprisingly, this song's vocals, with the exception of Helen Henny, got re-recorded, including Duncan Brannan as Chuck E., John Bowen as Munch, Jeremy Blaido as Jasper, and Earl Fisher as Pasqually. This version is so far from the longest live show being performed at CEC almost for 30 Years.


Forget about your troubles because we're gonna have a good time.

Put your hands together you know the music really sounds fine.

The bass is thumpin' in our ear, the place is really jumping all our friends are here yeah!

Havin' a party, Come on down (3x)

(2001 version only)

Get up on your feet and we'll all dance together,

Because a smile on your face is gonna make you feel much better.

Come on everybody, don't be late. The band is really cooking and their sounding great YEAH!

Havin' A Party, Come on down (3x)

(Verse 1 & 2 Repeated)