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Harmony Howlette was a guest star featured in the Pizza Time Theatre era of Chuck E. Cheese. She was an anthro coyote who sang country songs, and she was dubbed the "cowgirl who gathers more posse than Jesse James".


Harmony introduced in 1981 as the fifth and final guest star in PTT’s history. She was from West Texas, where she grew up with her three brothers. Harmony was confident and would snap back at Chuck E.’s insults, which started feisty arguments between the two. She also had a trademarked howl whenever she was excited, and she flirted with all of men of the show (except Chuck). She especially flirted with Jasper, who had a crush on her.

Harmony had two showtapes during her run, but she would soon be retired from PTT locations by 1983. Despite this, she had left a mark, as she appeared in much PTT merchandise.


  • Harmony made an appearance in "Remember That Time", appearing in a vintage photo alongside a balcony stage.
    • Harmony also made a surprise cameo in the 2017 version of "Every Boy, Every Girl".
  • Harmony would appear on the 1988 "Indiana Jowls" parody poster.[1]


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