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Halloween at the Pizza Time Theatre is a short released by CEC Entertainment in Show 6 2018 for Chuck-tober. The short is a parody of the survival horror video game franchise Five Nights at Freddy's, which took its inspiration from Chuck E. Cheese and other similar entertainment chains.


Chuck E. Cheese is trying to find a recipe for a special pizza, and Pasqually quoted that he left it at the old Pizza Time Theatre in creepy woods. However, Chuck Didn't remember having a location in that area. He later went inside where he then came across old characters including Dolli Dimples, Madame Oink, and The King. He later found the recipe, following the statement, that it was "Easy." He later asked Fred to help him, specifically to open the door. The aforementioned characters came up to "threaten him" Followed with the PTT Theme song from 1977 playing in the background. After their performance, they came up too close again.


Voice Actors

Other Cast members

  • Matt Daniel
  • David Andrade
  • Justin Thibault
  • Juan Bouza
  • Kate Sims
  • Kerian Phillips
  • Jill Blue
  • Robby Storey
  • Ann Ward
  • Michelle Starkovs
  • Carolina Estevez
  • Mike Swanston
  • Jenifer Bruan
  • Cynthia Cooper
  • Andrew DiDomencio
  • Daniel Manoiu
  • Derek Barker
  • Mike Garland
  • Dave Walser


  • The heavy parodying and references to Five nights at Freddy's are notable in the short including:
    • the nightguard "Fred", who's name is extremely similar to "Freddy fazbear", states his job protocol as "night watchman".
    • Fred states he works at his job 5 nights a week. The main objective of Five nights at Freddy's is to survive five nights a week.
    • The three animatronics (Madame oink, The king, and dolly dimples) all have very aged and broken appearances, which ironically breaks the immersion of the chuck E. cheese universe with the other characters being live cartoons than robots.
    • Fred hides in a security room, which VERY strongly resembles the secret night 5 office from Five nights at Freddy's: sister location. This is because of the multiple stacked security camera TV screens.
    • Additionally, fred's office possesses a single button linked emergency door, just like the hit game.