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The Guatemala City 2-Stage was a unique 2-Stage design exclusive to the Guatemala City, Guatemala (Blvd Liberación 6-31, Zona 9) store. The main 2-Stage part was the same as a normal 2-Stage, but the stages next to the 2-Stage were very unique. It was installed in 1996, having it's special design from the beginning until 2010, when the separate event area housing the stage was closed.


The Guatemala City 2-Stage was a unique stage only used at the Guatemala City, Guatemala (Blvd Liberación 6-31, Zona 9) location from 1996 till 2010. This 2-Stage wouldn't be housed in the showroom as the showroom already had a 3-Stage there, and was instead housed in a separate area. This separate area was used mostly to birthdays, events, and even live shows, with the only two known live shows being a karate event and a Star Wars event.

What made this stage unique was that there were two smaller stages beside the 2-Stage, as well as a large, flat stage placed in front of the 2-Stage. These extra stages, mainly the flat stage, would be used for the events/live shows taking place. If the stages weren't needed for the performance, then they would be blocked off with curtains and sometimes barriers.

In 2010 the separate event area would be closed and taken over by Guatemalan gym chain, Scandinavia Gym. The 2-Stage animatronics would be used for parts on the 3-Stage, while the rest of the stage was trashed.


2-Stage Design[]

The 2-Stage featured in this stage had a standard 2-Stage design.

Side Stage Designs[]

Both the left and right side stages had the exact same design. They had white backdrops, white curtains, and 2 black TVs hanging from the celling. The props used inside of the stages would be changed for new events, so there weren't any perinate stage props. During live shows, red fencing would be put in front of these stages.

Flat Stage Design[]

The flat stage had a red-orange wooden floor and grey carpet on the sides of the stage.


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