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Greatest Hits Volume 1 is a music CD that was released by CEC during 2009. It features 5 songs and marks the first CEC album.


  1. Livin' Life
  2. Homework
  3. Keep It Groovin'
  4. It Might Take Some Time
  5. That's A Deal



  • As well as being the 1st CEC CD to ever be released, this is also the only Album to be released in the avenger era.
  • On the song, That's A Deal, The beginning has a slightly different intro.
  • Some copies of this music CD have copyright data of 2011 instead of 2009 on the cardboard case.
  • Livin' Life appeared on Summer 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 Show(s).
  • Homework appeared on September 2005 Show.
  • Keep it Groovin' was originally used on January 2005 Show, but then reused it again on September 2008 Show, with a different intro and CEC TV logo screen.
  • It Might Take Some Time have appeared on September 2005 Show.
  • That’s A Deal appeared on April 2002 Show.
  • This is similar to Chuck E Cheese’s Video Hits #1 on DVD; however, these songs can only be listened on audio instead of video.
  • This Album is not available digitally, including iTunes, Google Play Music, etc.
  • This Album is often confused with the Greatest Hits 2000 - 2001.