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The Galaxy Stage was a test stage installed at the Chuck E. Cheese's location in West Melbourne, Florida when it opened on April 26th, 2011. It was never added to another store and was removed in April 2023 for the 2.0 remodel.


The Galaxy Stage was a test stage made to replace the Studio C Beta as the main CEC Stage for the 2010s. However it wasn't installed at other locations, possibly due to the Circles of Light debuting the next year. Since both stages were introduced around the same time, people speculated that this was possibly a prototype of the Circles of Light.

This stage made its debut on April 26, 2011 at West Melbourne, Florida. It was the first and only one ever installed.

In 2022, CEC made the decision to no longer produce physical discs for shows and instead go digital. During testing, problems were found with the system and Studio C, due to it taking 3 inputs to run the show. As such, CEC then made the decision to no longer program the Studio C Shows (which included the Galaxy Stage). During April 2023, the Galaxy Stage was taken out for the 2.0 remodel.


To the right, there is a single 16-Movement Chuck E. Cheese animatronic similar to the Studio C stages. There is a railing around the animatronic that is lined with LEDs. The background of the stage is designed to resemble a futuristic city with some UFOs. Near the center is a projector showing the showtape footage, while on the left there is a Moon that lights up. The Ticket Blaster is positioned here as well, with Rocket Fins on the bottom, and a Nose Cone on top. Above the stage is a purple banner that reads "Where a kid can be a kid", and a sign for Ticket Blaster on the left. There isn't a lot of lighting compared to the previous stages.

This stage would later remove the projector replacing it with a TV. Also, Chuck E.'s Avenger cap and Chuck E.'s green shorts would be replaced with his Rockstar jeans.


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