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Foxy Colleen (also referred to as Foxy Flanagan) was a guest star featured in the Pizza Time Theatre era of Chuck E. Cheese. She was a red fox of Irish descent.


Foxy first debuted in 1978 at the first PTT location. She was the third guest star and Voiced by Corinne Conley. She was based on the Texan actress Farrah Fawcett, being referred to as "Foxy Farrah" during development.[1] Foxy was sweet and polite in nature, as instead of snapping back at Chuck E. like Sally and Harmony, Foxy would try to win him over. She also flirted with Jasper, who was obsessed with her, even inviting him backstage a few times. Foxy would sing traditional Irish folk songs.

Foxy had at least three showtapes, two of which are lost media. She would then be retired in 1980.


  • There is some confusion however over Foxy's surname, as she was referred to as either Colleen or Flanagan throughout her showtape.
    • Foxy mentioned that she had already been spoken to by "Kelly of Colleen". This could hint that she's married and took his surname, making Flanagan her maiden name.
  • Foxy's first showtape was possibly the final showtape Crusty The Cat starred in.



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