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Dr. Destructenheimer is an evil mad scientist who has appeared on an Afternoon Fun Break Livestream from the Official Chuck E. Cheese's YouTube Channel. His first appearance was in "Tails of Friendship with Jasper T. Jowls" Episode 3 in the Chuck E. Shorts. He later returned in "There's Too Many Pigs in the Pool!".


One day, when Munch's Make Believe Band was celebrating birthdays, he tries to destroy them with a machine, due to the fact that he never celebrated one. But then on the meeting, Over 20 more people join in and sing to him, causing the machine to produce a birthday cupcake instead.

Physical Description[]

This puppet is the green whatnot with a black shirt with a white vest, white hair, and To top it all off, Black & Brown Goggles.


  • He is the first antagonist to be released since 2015, Since the last one was Ducky Cheese & Mike Wolf, since they both debuted in January of that year.
  • This is also Earl Fisher's newest character to voice since the previous one was Ronaldo Sagittarian.
  • His mother was mentioned in the birthday livestream, but unheard and unseen.


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