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Dolli I is a showtape that played in the PTT cabaret area.

Show List[]

(Show List is not exactly in order)

Segment 1[]

  • "California"

Segment 2[]

  • "Deep in The Heart of Texas, Long Tall Texan, Eyes of Texas"

Segment 3[]

  • "Frankie & Johnny"

Segment 4[]

  • "Hello Dolli"

Segment 5[]

  • "When the Saints Go Marching In, Piano Roll Blues"

Segment 6[]

  • "If We Could Talk to the Animals"

Segment 7[]

  • "Tootsie Goodbye, Sweet Georgia Brown"

Segment 8[]

  • "You Are My Sunshine, Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight"

Segment 9[]

  • "Yankee Doodle Dandy, Dixie, Grand Old Flag"

Segment 10[]

  • "Summertime"

Segment 11[]

  • "Sitting on Top of the World, I've Got the World on a String"

Segment 12[]

  • "Gonna Wash that Man Right Out of My Hair, Happy Talk"

Segment 13[]

  • "Chicago, Kansas City, New Orleans"

Segment 14[]

  • "Let me Entertain You, If My Friends Could See Me Now"

Segment 15[]

  • "Bill Bailey, Roll Out the Barrel"[1]


  • This is the first showtape to feature Dolli Dimples.
  • Some of this show might be lost, as it is said that this show had 20 segments, which contrasts to the 15 publicly available ones.