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Dolli Dimples was a Cabaret act from the Pizza Time Theatre era of Chuck E. Cheese. She was a piano-playing hippo who played jazz and blues music.


Dolli Dimples debuted as the first-ever Cabaret act at the second PTT location. She was designed to be exclusively for adults, as her performances had a sexy theme to them[1], and her animatronic even had a breast movement. Her showtape contained many sexual innuendos, and she would talk about her past husbands, as well as leave many comments to the guys in the crowd.[1] Because of this, Gene Landrum designed a sign labeled “Especially for Mom and Dad” which would’ve been placed outside the entrance of the Piano Bar Lounge, but was never posted since there was no way to actually keep kids out.[2] She was voiced by Donna Miller.[3]

Dolli would be switched out for other Cabaret acts as time went by, but would still be used into the 80's. She was featured in much merchandise, such as her very own, rare plush and more. Dolli would soon have her second showtape in 1982, voiced by Lady Bianca this time. Although this tape kept some earlier themes such as all of her husbands, much innuendo was toned down.[4]


  • Dolli was the only Cabaret act to have her original animatronic be made of fiberglass and latex.
  • Dolli was mentioned in “Remember That Time”[5], although her name was misspelled.
  • Dolli made a cameo at “Halloween at the Pizza Time Theatre”[6] and in the 2017 version of “Every Boy, Every Girl”.[7]



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