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Danvers, MA (139 Endicott St), Store #478 was a Pizza Time Theatre store that opened on April 24, 1983, as a franchised store, and closed April 15th, 2020 as a corporate location.

This location would be notorious in the early 2000's for contributions to the location itself by Jenn Waitt, and her friend Jay Hubbard, and also had a largely documented history throughout its 37-year run, before its eventual closure.


Danvers opened on April 24th, 1983, in Endicott Plaza, franchised by Tom Saltsman, and like many PTTs, featured the Balcony Stage upon opening. Their first guest star was Madame Oink, and a few months later, Helen Henny would replace her. Danvers was also one of the first locations to utilize Cheese E. Street. In the Cabaret, B.B Bubbles would be their first act, along with The King. In February 1985, Danvers removed their Balcony Stage, which would be sent to Fall River, Massachusetts for that store's opening. In addition, B.B Bubbles took her final bow at the store and was removed. In place of the Balcony Stage was the Family Album. The names of the characters at the store were Nadine ('Dee-Dee'), Randy (the leader), and Tommy-John (or 'TJ'). On February 2nd, 1987, Danvers was bought by corporate.

In March 1988, Danvers would remove the Family Album, receive a new set of animatronics, build a temporary Balcony stage in front of the old Family Album, and begin construction on Chuck E.'s House, which was completed in April. In July 1989, The King was removed, to be traded with Newington, NH's Beach Bowzers. The store also underwent a remodel that summer, which featured The Beach Bowzers in the relocated Cabaret. Cheese E. Street was also removed at this time. Chuck E.'s House would remain mostly the same throughout the years, with some cosmetic updates such as a new Jasper shirt in the early 1990s.

On June 22, 1993, Danvers would remove Chuck E.'s House, and get a 2-Stage. Around the same time, Danvers would get the 1993 Remodel (Which also involved their removal of elements from the 1988 remodel such as the blue & white awnings, checkers around the store, & neon lights), and the former location of the second Cabaret room. would be where the 2-Stage went, opposed to the back wall like Chuck E.'s House. The characters also had all their PTT masks replaced. The Beach Bowzers was also removed at this time, and a brand-new exterior was made, later getting the Coach Chuck sign a few years later. Around 1999-2000, Jasper's 1992 shirt was replaced.

In 2001, Danvers would enter a district wide contest, where they would create a Food Preparation Training Video, and won the contest. In 2002, Pasqually's 1992 mask was replaced with a mask made in 1999. In May of that year, Danvers would host a 25th anniversary party for Chuck E. Cheese's, giving the Chuck E. animatronic his PTT vest as well. Helen's 1992 dress was replaced at that time, and sometime later, Danvers would receive the Cool Chuck outfit, and with it came the Fourth of July stage in celebration of the holiday. That December, Danvers hosted a Christmas party, decorating the entire store. Helen Henny and Jasper T. Jowls would make a special appearance, and Chuck E.'s Holiday Party 1999 would play for the event, despite Happy Holidays 2002 being the current showtape at the time. Danvers would then host Cheesevention in 2004 and 2005, the former event notably having Aaron Fechter as a special guest. Jasper's cheese guitar was also replaced by a 3-Stage cheese guitar at this time, and Helen's mask was also replaced. Curtains were disabled shortly after the event in September, though Chuck's curtains remained operable for live appearances.

Between November 2007-June 2008, Danvers would remodel their store to the 2005 Remodel. The exterior was redone in April-June. Another Cheesevention was held at the store as well. Danvers would largely remain the same after this, and by 2011, they replaced the Cool Chuck outfit with Avenger.

In August 2013, Danvers would host one more Cheesevention, notably being the debut of the Rockstar costume at that store. The Avenger hat was also removed by September. In 2018, the original drum front was covered up by the Ticket Blaster's decal, and later that year, the curtains were removed.

On April 15th, 2020, in the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, Danvers would close their doors, reason being their lease expired in late 2019, and was unable to renew. The store was open for takeout prior to the closure date. A majority of stuff was cleared out through April 29th, and then the store was left abandoned, leaving the exterior intact. Despite this closure, it would not be recognized by many until June, when CEC Entertainment filed for bankruptcy, and it along with other stores closed the past 2 months were listed on articles. The store would remain untouched until March 2021, where some more stuff got cleared out, and finally in June, the interior began to be gutted, with remaining pieces like the SkyTubes being removed. The exterior had the awnings removed by July 12th, and the signage was removed July 18th. By August, the exterior finally went down, revealing the original PTT exterior underneath, before it too was demolished. As of December 2021, the store is now MB Spirits, a liquor store created by Market Basket.


For the purpose of main 5, it will contain info on Chuck E.'s House show, with the original show in notes. Cabaret acts and Family Album also included.

Animatronic Manufacturing Date Whereabouts Notes
Chuck E. Cheese (Cyberamic) 5/17/1982 Unknown/Destroyed Original animatronic sent to Fall River, later retrofitted and then unknown.
Guest Star/Helen Henny (Cyberamic) 5/16/1982 Unknown/Owned by a Private Collector. Original animatronic sent to Fall River, later retrofitted and then unknown.
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) 5/6/1982 Unknown/Owned by a Private Collector. Original animatronic sent to Fall River, later retrofitted and then unknown.
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) 5/3/1982 Unknown/Destroyed Original animatronic sent to Fall River, later retrofitted and then unknown.
Pasqually (Cyberamic) 5/1/1982 Unknown/Owned by a Private Collector. Original animatronic sent to Fall River, later retrofitted and then unknown.
Warblettes (Cyberamic) 4/30/1982 Unknown/Destroyed
Waving Flags (Cyberamic) 4/10/1982 Unknown/Destroyed
Applause Board (Cyberamic) 5/14/1982 Unknown/Destroyed
Drum Board (Cyberamic) 5/31/1982 Unknown/Destroyed
Singing Flowers (Cyberamic) 1988 Unknown/Owned by a Private Collector. Installed on Chuck E.'s House by the windows. Only 1 mask is known to still exist.
B.B. Bubbles (Cabaret) Unknown Destroyed/Owned by a Private Collector. Some cosmetic pieces survived and would be used for a cosmetic replica.
The King (Lounge) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed Sent to Newington, New Hampshire
Beach Bowsers (Lounge) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
Family Album 1984? Unknown/Destroyed 1 hand is known to exist with a Private Collector.
Wink (Cyberamic) 7/1/1993 Owned by a Private Collector.


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