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Cyberamics are the animatronics created exclusively for Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre stores from 1979 until 1983. These animatronics, known as the Cyberamic Animatronics, were the successors to the Portrait Animatronics. They originally were found on the Cyberamic Portrait Stage, but found widespread use when the Balcony Stage debuted in May 1980. Production of Cyberamics by Pizza Time Theatre, Inc. ceased around late 1983, as financial problems were beginning to take place. A company known as Riordanco manufactured Cyberamics from 1982 until 1984, with remaining stock being used to construct new shows between 1984 and the early 1990's. A company known as Kinetix Group manufactured Cyberamics from 1992 until 1998. They made new arm mechs for Munch and Pasqually to be able to properly play their respective instruments. They also made new parts for the stores converting Balcony, Rocker, or C-Stages into a Road Stage, 2-Stage, or 1-Stage.

As of May 2024, 20 Cyberamic shows remain inside Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, These include the Road Stage (2), the 2-Stage (5), the 1-Stage (12), and the 1/2-Stage (1). Several more Cyberamic figures remain in public and private collections, as well as some public places.

Cyberamic Stages[]


  • The faces of Chuck E. and Helen differed between locations. In particular...
    • Their eyes kept changing size and color, changing from green to blue.
    • Helen's eyeshadow differed between pink and blue, and whether or not it had sparkles.