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The Circles of Light Wall Live Stage is a bot-less Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic stage with a Chuck E. Live dance floor installed at Circles of Light locations.


Circles of Light Wall Design[]

The Circles of Light Wall consists of two red walls with two blue walls and a green wall in the center. The red walls each have a TV installed on them, along with rope lights and circle lights. Unlike the red walls, the blue walls are covered in only circle lights. The green wall in the center is below a large TV and is covered in circle lights. Finally, above the walls are different colored circles going across a squiggly, dark blue background.

Along with the stage, the ticket blaster is placed at the right side of the stage.

Chuck E. Live Stage Design (2019 Model)[]

The Chuck E. Live Stage is a flat dance floor with a thick blue border, and three TVs placed above.

Chuck E. Live Stage Design (2021 Model)[]

The Chuck E. Live Stage is a flat dance floor with a thin black border, and a video wall.


  • This stage type is the only non-Chuck E. Live Stage to be consistently kept during 2.0 remodels.


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