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The Circles of Light Live Stage is a one-character Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic stage with a Chuck E. Live dance floor installed at the Kapolei, HI (700 Haumea St) store in October 2018. It is the only non-retro store to have animatronics and a Chuck E. Live Stage.


Circles of Light Design (16m)[]

The Circles of Light stage features a large HD screen on the wall, dimmer lighting, and a bunch of Circles with lights. Chuck E. (16 movement bot) is on a stage with a railing around him, and has a giant light-up circle with multiple lines going left to right.

Chuck E. Live Stage Design (2017 Model)[]

The Chuck E. Live Stage is a flat dance floor with a thick blue border.


  • The reason Kapolei, HI (700 Haumea St) has a combo stage like the 2-Stage Live Stage was due to a long construction, starting around 2015/2016, and ending in October 2018.


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