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Chucky Cheeze was a Mexican rip-off of Chuck E. Cheese's.


Chucky Cheeze opened in 2007 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They also created a website and video games around 2008. Chucky Cheeze closed in 2011, while the website shut-down in 2012. It is unknown when the video games shut down, but they most likely were removed in 2012. The building is currently abandoned, and it’s unknown if anyone is going to move into the space.


Chucky Cheeze was the mascot of Chucky Cheeze, as he was the name of the place. He had a yellow pointy-chinned head, yellow fur, large yellow chihuahua ears, a yellow snout with black whiskers, no irises, and a black nose. He also wore a red shirt with a blue "C" on it, a red baseball cap with a blue "C" on it, and white gloves. Unknown how his bottom half looks like.

The mascot costume of Chucky Cheeze was a lot different. He had a round, brown head, brown fur, large brown chihuahua ears with tan on the inside, a brown snout with black whiskers, no irises, and a black nose. He also wore a red shirt with a blue "C" on it, and a large, pink/red baseball cap with a blue "C" on it. It is Unknown how the bottom of the mascot looked like.


  • Chucky Cheeze had mobile games released, however they are currently Lost Media. It is unknown how many games were produced, And unknown when they all closed down, but most likely between 2011-2012.
  • The building still exists to this day, but is mostly empty. It still has Chucky Cheeze and names of people along the walls in the front.
  • A Barney animatronic was rumored to have been at Chucky Cheeze, although it is not confirmed.
  • There are total of 3 known advertisements. 2 of them are the same with one advertising their free Internet at the restaurant.
  • It is unknown if more advertisements for Chucky Cheeze were made since the restaurant had such a short lifespan.
  • CEC Entertainment gave them a Cease and Desist Letter in 2011 which is the main reason for their closure.



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