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Skateboard Challenge is a flash game put on in 2007 after the website's 07 redesign along with 13 other games. This game is in the arcade genre. It was removed from in 2013 along with 10 other minigames.


In Skateboard Challenge you dodge obstacles in a high-score minigame. The goal of the game is to get the highest score before the time ends. You have to collect tokens while dodging obstacles and pushing on your skateboard. The more you push on your skateboard the fast you go. The speed meter on the bottom left shows how fast you are going. The faster you go the more red the meter gets. When you collect a token you get 1 score. The more tokens you get the higher your score. You can dodge obstacles by jumping over them or moving into a different lane. If you hit the obstacle you have to wait and start your speed over. If you make it to the end before the time ends you get more points. This minigame lasts for 150 seconds.

Background Characters[]

In this game Helen and Munch can appear in the background while you play the minigame.


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