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Crab Grab is a flash game put on in 2007 after the website's 07 redesign along with 13 other games. This game is in the arcade genre. It was removed from in 2011 and replaced with Balloon Alphabet.


In Pizza Panic! you stack blocks in a timed high-score minigame. The goal of the game is to grab the most amount of crabs before the time ends. The crabs will appear out of three size holes. Their sizes are based on the hole they come out of. The smaller the crab the harder they are to grab. If you miss a crab it could run away or go back into the hole it came out of. Chuck E. Cheese can also get attacked by a crab and then start to surf in the background. The first time when Chuck E. Cheese gets back you will get an extra 30 seconds. This minigame lasts for 60 seconds.


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