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The Chuck E. Live Stage Prototype was a test stage made to replace the animatronics with a dance floor. This stage was originally installed in 2014 at the Dallas, Texas (13364 Montfort Dr.) location. It was later moved to the Austin, Texas (9811 S I-35) location at a unknown point in the 2010's.


In 2014 the Dallas, Texas (13364 Montfort Dr.) location got a Chuck E. Live Stage Prototype installed in their game room. This original prototype was intended to be used as a separate stage used for live shows outside of the showroom. This test stage was a success and in 2015 the first version of the main Chuck E. Live Stage was installed. The prototype stage was later moved to the Austin, Texas (9811 S I-35) location sometime between 2015-2019. The Austin, Texas (9811 S I-35) location eventually got rid of it in 2021.


The design of the Chuck E. Live Stage Prototype had a small dance floor with a red border, and a miniature COL wall. The mini COL wall had a "CHUCK E. LIVE!" light-up sign, a flat-screen TV, a segmented display that counted down the time until the next live show, and a small cannon that could shoot tickets out of it.


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