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(The movie starts with a space background. Then, the title card appears. After a few seconds, the title card disappears. Then, we fade to the restaurant called Chuck E. Cheese's, where we see many people saying hi to the audience. Then Pasqually the chef enters the scene)

  • Pasqually: Welcome! Welcome-a-to my famous eatery! Come on in, little friends! Come and join us!

(Then, we see Chuck E. Cheese, Helen Henny, Mr. Munch, and Jasper T. Jowls walking inside the restaurant and they sit down at the table. Then, Chuck E. waves at the people happily)

  • Helen: This is so exciting! We haven't had an official meeting in a while!

(Then Pasqually comes to their table with Charlie Rockit.)

  • Pasqually: Hello, gang. Thanks for coming. Hey. I think you all know-a Charlie Rockit?
  • Chuck E.: Yeah! Hey, sure! We've seen him around the neighborhood.

(They all say hello to him.)

  • Charlie: Hey, guys!
  • Pasqually: Charlie is-a the reason I call-a this-a meeting-a tonight. He has a little-a problem.
  • Chuck E.: Oh, no! What's the problem?
  • Pasqually: Charlie, he's in a bind. He need-a some dough.
  • Jasper: Well, why do you need us, Pasqually? You've got more dough than anyone in town.
  • Chuck E.: Jasper! Pasqually's not talking about the kind of dough you make pizza with! He means the other dough!
  • Jasper: Oh, I get it!
  • Munch: ♫ Doe, a deer, a female deer! ♫
  • Jasper: ♫ Ray, a drop of golden suuuun! ♫

(Chuck E. shakes his head exasperated.)

  • Helen: But why do you need a female deer, Charlie?
  • Charlie: Well, actually...
  • Pasqually: He need-a cash! Not-a the deer! He need-a cash!
  • Jasper: Oh, a moolah! Well, why didn't you say so? Come on, gang! Cough it up! Don't hold 'em back!
  • Helen: I've got 2 dollars!
  • Munch: Here. (gives Charlie 10 dollars)
  • Jasper: Whoo-wee!
  • Chuck E.: A 10 spot! Hey, look! I've got a fiver, but I have a feeling that Charlie needs more than this.
  • Pasqually: You're right-a, Chuck E. Charlie, he need a fifty thousand-a dollars.
  • Jasper: Fifty thousand doll-?! Whoa!
  • Helen: Oh, my goodness! That's quite a nest egg!
  • Chuck E.: What's the money for Charlie?
  • Charlie: It's for my aunt and uncle. See, they're farmers. Their tractor's engine blew up and, like, it's harvest time. And they're in a terrible fix, because my dad says it'll take $50,000 dollars to buy a new tractor!
  • Helen: How are we going to get that kind of money?
  • Chuck E.: (starts to think) Hmm, we'll think of uh... something.
  • Jasper: Oh, oh, we could all get jobs! You know, I saw a Help Wanted sign down at the Chicken Palace.
  • Helen: (angry) I don't think so...!!! Ooohhhhhh...!!!

(Shows a bothered Pasqually and a very nervous Charlie.)

  • Munch: Uh-oh...
  • Chuck E.: Jasper, now you've done it!
  • Helen: OHHHHHHHH...!!!!!!!
  • Jasper: Oops!

(Munch cringes and everyone it comes, the fury.)

  • Jasper: Uh, Miss Helen? As a member of a non-human species, I can relate.
  • Helen: Yeah, right, MR. MAN'S BEST FRIEND!!! OHHHHH!!!!!!

(Jasper ducks his head under the table as Helen begins clucking like mad.)

  • Chuck E.: Pasqually, do you have any ideas on how we can come up with $50,000 for Charlie's aunt and uncle?
  • Pasqually: I'm glad you asked that question, Chuck E.! In a few days, a big race is going to take place. Look!

(He uses a remote to turn on the TV; it plays an advertisement for an upcoming race, the Galaxy 5000.)

  • Narrator: The Galaxy 5000 is an interplanetary race on the planet Orion. The race loops through the Crystal Canyons region, ending back at the Mach 7 Gateway where the race begins.
  • Everyone: Wow!
  • Narrator: Racers from many planets will pit their skills and courage in the hopes of winning the grand prize, along with pride for their planetary home.

(The ad pauses.)

  • Pasqually: The prize for first place is-a 30 kilar, which amounts to about $52,000 US dollars!
  • Jasper: How are we going to get one of those fancy flying racer vehicles?
  • Pasqually: Well, you can use a-my jet racer.
  • Chuck E.: You mean you've done this race before?
  • Pasqually: Five times to be exact. Well, hey, I was young once, just like you crazy kids. My old-a jet racer is already at the raceway. When you get there, ask for Flap-a-jack. He was my co-pilot from the good old days. He'll take very good care of you.
  • Chuck E.: Alright then, let's do it!
  • Pasqually: Before you go, I must warn you, the Galaxy 5000 has changed a lot since I raced in it. Now that the prize money is so high, the racing is much faster and more cutthroat.
  • Jasper: Cutthroat?
  • Pasqually: Well, let me show you.

(He resumes the ad, showing one particular jet racer stylized like a military jet with an ominous maroon and navy blue paint job, with an "X" symbol on the hood. Its racers, Peter and Ivan, hog the camera and celebrate obnoxiously.)

  • Narrator: In an astonishing turn of events, the Galaxy 5000 speed records have been shattered by the X-Pilots, who have reached Vega-2 speeds during the time trials. Vega-2 authorities suspect foul play by the X-Pilots but have yet to uncover any evidence.

(The ad ends.)

  • Jasper: Vega-2 speeds on an obstacle course? That's nuts! You can count me out of it.
  • Pasqually: I don't blame you, Jasper. It's very dangerous. I don't blame any of you if you don't want to go on this mission. Sorry, Charlie.
  • Helen: Sorry, Charlie.
  • Charlie: It's okay, I understand.
  • Munch: Can I have my $10 back?
  • Chuck E.: (standing up) Wait a second, guys!

(He sniffs the air.)

  • Chuck E.: What's that smell?

(More sniffing; some of the patrons sniff with him confused. Munch sniffs as well.)

  • Munch: It's me. I took my shoes off.
  • Chuck E.: No! (chuckles) This one's different.

(A short pause...)

  • Chuck E.: Wait! I got it!
  • Jasper: Uh-oh. He's got the scent!
  • Chuck E.: It's adventure! Yeah, that's it! Ha-ha! I smell adventure!!

(All the patrons cheer happily in agreement. Then, they start to clear the tables out of the showroom as a pianist is shown playing the opening riffs to The Galaxy's For You and Me. Chuck E. marches to the front of the room and dances, some of the patrons backing him up, and the pianist points to cue him off as he starts to sing.)

  • Chuck E.: Come on everybody, think it's time we get together and get,

Our toes a-tappin'

Then before you know it, you'll be goin' with the flow and barely notice

Your fingers are snappin'

So come along with me,

Your buddy Chuck E. Cheese,

I'd like to be your captain,

If you climb in the Adventure Machine

I've been down before, but I don't let it keep me down

'Cause I know I'll do the right thing

I'mma do some magic abracadabra doo-ba-dabra,

But first I sing, then you sing.

Let's grab a front row seat...

  • Munch: A front row seat...
  • Chuck E.: To the galaxy!
  • Helen: To the galaxy!
  • All: The galaxy's for you and me!
  • Helen: Come along, come with Chuck E.,

Oh, with Chuck E., to the galaxy

Help our Chuck E.

  • Munch: We can't do it without you, yeah
  • Chuck E.: Come on everybody, there's just no need to worry

Let's get those legs a-kickin'

We'll set the pace and win the race

On the intergalactic speedway

  • All: The galaxy's for you,

The galaxy's for me,

The galaxy's for you and me!


(Song ends, the patrons cheer. Jasper is still not interested.)

  • Jasper: How come consciousness goes flyin' out the window every time he sings a song? Brother.

(He goes back to his book just as Chuck E. comes over to the booth.)

  • Chuck E.: Jasper...?

  • Ivan: Hit the Zoom Gas! I'm tired of looking at that mousey's tailpipes!

  • Chuck E.: They must've gone into Vega-2!

(Munch sucks in a disbelieving hiccup.)

  • Chuck E.: This is it, guys -- Vega-2 time!

(Then Chuck E. begins activating various switches as the Songbird begins to build up speed.)

  • Jasper: Now shift her into drive, Chuck E.

(Then Chuck E. sets the Songbird's gearshift to the Vega-2 setting; the Songbird begins zooming twice its normal speed upwards into the sky.)

  • Chuck E.: WHOAAAAAAAA...!!!!!!
  • Jasper: Chuck E., lower your nose down!
  • Chuck E.: I gotcha!!!!!!

(He lowers the Songbird back to the ground level in time. By now, both the Songbird and X-Racer have reached Dead Man's Canyon.)

  • Jasper: Man, oh man! Look out, Chuck E.! Here comes Dead Man's Canyon!
  • Chuck E.: Here goes!

(The Songbird enters the canyon and starts hobbling back and forth trying to catch up.)

  • Jasper: Hard right, Chuck E.!
  • Chuck E.: WHOA!!!

(They all share a collective evil laugh as the song ends.)

  • Dr. Zoom: Seize her!

(Then Peter and Ivan hoist Helen off her feet as she shrieks.)

  • Helen: Oh...hey!!! (grumbles)
  • Dr. Zoom: I'm afraid, my dear, that I can't let you go. As the saying goes, loose lips sink ships.
  • Helen: But I don't have lips.
  • Dr. Zoom: Yeah, but uh... loose beaks cause leaks that sink ships.
  • Helen: But...but I won't tell anybody!
  • Dr. Zoom: That's true, because tomorrow, shortly before the race, I'll be paying you a little visit. In short, you will be reduced to juice!
  • Helen: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

(More evil laughter.)

  • Dr. Zoom: Cage that hen in the cellar under the computer station! That oughta hold her until I can juicify her!

(Then Dr. Zoom laughs as Peter and Ivan carry Helen offscreen as the view goes black, then fades up on the Songbird outside; it is now sunset. Chuck E. is aboard by himself.)

  • Chuck E.: All right, here goes.
  • Jasper: (runs right over) Chuck E., wait! Don't go off alone, it's too dangerous!
  • Chuck E.: I've gotta do this, Jasper! If I don't try to make it through Dead Man's Canyon at Vega-2 speeds now, we won't have a chance tomorrow!
  • Jasper: Well then, I'm comin' with ya!
  • Chuck E.: Sorry, Jasper. This is something I have to do alone.
  • Jasper: Aw, man...
  • Chuck E.: Don't worry.

(The Songbird takes flight and begins flying in the opposite direction toward Dead Man's Canyon.)

  • Chuck E.: Alright...I'll get with it, then go straight into Dead Man's Canyon.

(Then, the Songbird reaches the start of Dead Man's Canyon and begins to build up speed.)

  • Chuck E.: goes nothing!

(He sets the gearshift at Vega-2, then the Songbird zooms off.)

  • Chuck E.: WHOA!!!

(The scene changes to an underground cave and shows a hospital bed near the entrance; on it is Chuck E., groaning as he comes to from unconscious, a rag stretched across his head from where he got hurt during the crash. Enter Harry, a British hermit who bares an uncanny resemblance to Pasqually, who checks up on him as he sits up, the rag falling off.)

  • Chuck E.: Oh...ow! My head...
  • Harry: Take it easy there laddie! That's quite a bump you've got there.
  • Chuck E.: Where am I? Who are you? You really look familiar.
  • Harry: I'm uh...your friendly neighborhood hermit! Harry the Hermit, to be precise.
  • Chuck E.: I'm Chuck E. Thanks for letting me crash at your place.
  • Harry: Oh, you crashed all right; why, that jet racer of yours nearly took my head off!
  • Chuck E.: (realizing) Oh, no! The Songbird!

(He immediately gets out of bed and sulks forward.)

  • Chuck E.: There's no chance of winning tomorrow if she's been wrecked.
  • Harry: You could have been killed in that crash, laddie! Doesn't that mean anything to you? Winning isn't everything, you know.
  • Chuck E.: I don't care about winning; it's the money I want.
  • Harry: Oh... greedy?
  • Chuck E.: No, the money's not for me. It's for a friend. His family's in trouble, and he needs my help.
  • Harry: Well, that's a wee bit different, then. I can see why you'd want to give it all you've got.
  • Chuck E.: Yeah... but so far, everything I've got just isn't enough.

(He demonstrates by throwing a rock which doesn't go that far; then he kneels down while Harry sits on his stump next to him.)

  • Harry: Well then, you've just got to dig a wee bit deeper there, laddie.
  • Chuck E.: Well, look. I tried, but every time I hit Vega-2 speeds, everything is just a blur. I get scared and back out.
  • Harry: I see. Well... What did you do to prepare for the race? What-a kind of training did you do?
  • Chuck E.: Well, I didn't do any training. I just sort of hopped in and went for it.
  • Harry: Well, there's your problem! You can't expect to be your best if you don't practice! You need to learn the art of realizing your true potential.
  • Chuck E.: Will that work?
  • Harry: Well, sure! Nearly every time!
  • Chuck E.: But who's gonna teach me?
  • Harry: Well...I will!
  • Chuck E.: You?
  • Harry: Sure! Almost all hermits know the ancient art of realizing your true potential. That's why people call us hermits instead of bums. There's a fine difference, you know.
  • Chuck E.: Oh?
  • Harry: Look...

(Then Harry helps Chuck E. to his feet as True Potential begins to play.)

(The scene changes to Chuck E. training on a set of inactive geysers; he hops across them.)

(The music gets faster as the geysers begin to flame; this in turn startles Chuck E. as he hops in the opposite direction of the burst as he shrieks and yells. Then the scene changes to Chuck E. standing on a human hamster wheel with Harry next to the control switch.)

(He starts the wheel up and Chuck E. struggles to keep up with it, huffing and panting.)

(Then the scene changes to Chuck E. standing in the middle of a molehill, a mallet in each hand.)

(He knocks on the hill; this starts the moles popping out as Chuck E. struggles to hit them, but they keep disappearing and sometimes hit him.)

(The moles steal Chuck E.'s mallets and hit him nonstop, and he yells. Then the scene changes to Harry giving Chuck E. a lecture on Vega-2 as he sits at a desk and takes notes.)

(Then the scene changes to Harry's crystal ball shining brightly in the middle of the room; Harry is sitting across from it on his stump while Chuck E. kneels across on the other side.)

(Cuts to the soda shop the next day. A very dissatisfied Astrid stands by Jasper, Munch, and Charlie's table.)

  • Astrid: