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Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 is a direct-to-video special. It was released October 5, 1999 on VHS for Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants and retail stores.

Official Description[]

Climb aboard the Adventure Machine with Chuck E. Cheese and his friends as they blast off for the coolest race in the universe... The Galaxy 5000. Chuck E. must win the race to help his friend Charlie Rockit. But can Chuck E. pull it off?

Little does Chuck E. realize that he's racing against the evil Dr. Zoom and his X-Pilots, who are cheating by using Zoom Gas to hit Vega-2 speeds. How can anyone fly that fast? More importantly, how can Chuck E. fly that fast and win the race for Charlie?

Don't miss this musical adventure as Chuck E. learns to depend on his friends and believe in himself to overcome one of the biggest challenges of his life... The Galaxy 5000.

Plot Summary[]

The film starts in a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant (revealed in the end credits to be one of the Texas locations) where several families are shown saying hi to the viewer before Pasqually welcomes them; after this, Chuck E. Cheese makes his grand entrance with Helen Henny, Mr. Munch, and Jasper T. Jowls before they all sit down in time for Pasqually to arrive, having called an emergency meeting about their friend Charlie Rockit. The reason behind the meeting is because Charlie needs money, and the gang takes out all the money they have, but it isn't enough as Charlie needs $50,000. Charlie explains he needs the money for his aunt and uncle who own a farm; their tractor has broken down before harvest time and unless they get a new one, the farm will be shut down. Jasper suggests getting jobs at a chicken restaurant, but this sends Helen on a tirade over what humans are doing to threaten her kind.

Chuck E. asks Pasqually if there's anything they can do to help Charlie raise the money in time, and to answer, Pasqually turns on the TV which displays an ad for the upcoming Galaxy 5000, a grand prix race held on Planet Orion where racers fly in space jets and race against each other to win pride for their home planet and the coveted grand prize -- 30 quilar, which rounds off to $52,000 in Earth money. Pasqually also reveals he used to compete in the Galaxy 5000 himself five times in the past, and his old co-pilot Flapjack will be there to let them use the old jet racer he flown in.

Chuck E. and the gang happily accept, but Pasqually gives a warning that the race hasn't changed much since he retired and plays the rest of the tape, showing one of the racers, a team called the X-Pilots, have broken the speed records by achieving super fast but impossible speeds known as Vega-2, and authorities are investigating in case of anything suspicious, but have no evidence. Jasper and the others are uncertain over how difficult it is to achieve Vega-2 like the X-Pilots did and are intent on bowing out, but Chuck E. suddenly catches a scent of adventure and decides they should enter, leading him to sing The Galaxy's For You and Me as everyone in the diner supports him. Jasper is skeptic at first, but after some enticement, he gives in, and the whole team sets off.

The scene then shifts to a laboratory containing the Awesome Adventure Machine, which will help Chuck E. and the gang get to Planet Orion fast. Before departing, Chuck E. shows off his new racing uniform which Helen approves of, and they all get in the machine together and say goodbye to Pasqually who stays behind. He activates the machine and sends the team off to Planet Orion.

Once the team arrives, they land in a heap on the Mach-7 Gateway, where the race is taking place, and are astounded by the planet's wild atmosphere. Nearby, they encounter the X-Pilots, Peter and Ivan, who are being interviewed by the press over how they managed to reach Vega-2 speeds over a supposed training program, not caring they were disqualified from last year's race. When they overhear Helen call them jerks for attacking the reporter, they begin bullying her and Jasper before Chuck E. steps in to stand up for them and nearly pick a fight. Suddenly, the X-Pilots' captain, Dr. Zoom, breaks up the argument and calls them away to save their conflict for the track, and Chuck E. leads everyone away to find Flapjack.

In a nearby garage, they encounter Flapjack who immediately recognizes Chuck E., and he leads the team to show him Pasqually's old space jet and three-time winner, the Songbird, but it turns out to be worn down and outdated, and in need of major repairs. After Flapjack leaves, Helen realizes Jasper is a mechanical genius and should help him, but he is unsure. Suddenly, they are greeted by a woman named Astrid, whom Chuck E. takes a quick liking to, and she adds that she has an interest in racers and is excited to see them race in the qualifiers tomorrow. Although she is mildly surprised by the way the Songbird looks, Chuck E. promises that it will look better than ever when they actually fly it.

When Astrid drops her handkerchief, Chuck E. and Jasper wrestle over who gets it before Chuck E. manages to beat him, but Helen takes it and gives it to Astrid out of jealousy. Astrid then invites Chuck E. to the soda shop after the qualifiers for a date, but when she asks if he and Helen were taken, Chuck E. denies it and calls her "one of the guys". Feeling envious, Helen storms off in a fit of anger, but Chuck E. doesn't understand why she's upset and Astrid bids him farewell. That evening, Chuck E. helps Flapjack fix the Songbird while Helen laments on the soda shop balcony over why Chuck E. can't see The Real Me.

The following day was the race's qualifying round, with Chuck E. and his gang as part of heap #4. The team has fully fixed up the Songbird and gave it a more contemporary makeover, but Helen has not shown up, much to Chuck E.'s confusion as that wasn't how she usually acts. Jasper says the Songbird is ready to go and needs to be taken for a test run, but Chuck E. puts in that there's no time for that as the race is starting. As the team boards the Songbird, Flapjack tells Chuck E. to take it easy at first because the X-Pilots only use Vega-2 when they near the finish. He also warns the team that the final three miles of the course run through the dangerous Dead Man's Canyon. After a false countdown, the race begins, but the Songbird stalls, prompting Jasper to re-connect the wires before it finally takes flight.

Once in the air, Chuck E. enjoys flying the Songbird, just before catching up with the X-Racer in the lead up ahead. The Songbird manages to overtake the X-Racer for the lead, but Peter and Ivan have other ideas and begin hitting the Songbird, sending them out of control before Chuck E. manages to get them back on track. Using Jasper's advice, Chuck E. starts making the Songbird do tricks which allow them to avoid the X-Racer's cheats, taking back the lead. Soon after, Peter and Ivan decide it's time for Vega-2 and activate a switch which releases a smoke substance called Zoom Gas, which they inhale and activate the Vega-2 setting and leave the Songbird in the dust. Chuck E. realizes they should go into Vega-2 as well, but it's unstable and he has a hard time piloting. Eventually they reach Dead Man's Canyon, but Chuck E. is unable to see properly during Vega-2 and keeps losing control and crashing. The X-Pilots place first in the qualifiers, with the Songbird finishing dead last.

Later at the soda shop, Chuck E. tells Astrid about his qualifying failure, feeling there's no way his team will be able to win the final Galaxy 5000 race which was next day. Astrid reassures him that he'll do fine, but he doubts it. Just then, Helen arrives with the X-Pilots alongside her, making it look like she has joined them and betrayed Chuck E.'s team, not knowing she was secretly faking it to go undercover and find out the secret to their cheating. They reach Chuck E. and Astrid's table and proceed to mock and berate him in various ways, with Helen claiming she has left Chuck E. for the champions and he is nothing but a loser. After the X-Pilots leave, Jasper laments to Munch and Charlie that they have a Snowball's Chance in Texas to win the race if Chuck E. doesn't act up.

Peter and Ivan then bring Helen to an underground warehouse where Dr. Zoom works, and she proceeds to lure them into admitting how they were able to fly at Vega-2 easily and win all those races. It soon leads to the point where Ivan accidentally lets slip they use Zoom Gas to help them win, and the two argue again before Dr. Zoom arrives, admitting Helen has finally discovered the X-Team's secret and they are indeed cheaters. Through the song Zoom Gas, Dr. Zoom reveals the team inhales the gas which allows them to see better during Vega-2, allowing them to easily overtake their competitors, and adds it is made from extract of chicken. Peter and Ivan then seize Helen and Dr. Zoom tells her since she threatened to expose them, she is going to be reduced to juice before the race next day. Dr. Zoom has Peter and Ivan lock Helen up to be juicified as a mass-producing victim.

Later that evening, Chuck E. has decided to ride the Songbird alone to practice Vega-2 before the race. Jasper comes out and tries to stop him, but Chuck E. insists that he has to if he wants to win tomorrow. Jasper offers to come with him, but Chuck E. says he can do it alone and takes off. Reaching Dead Man's Canyon, he shifts into Vega-2, but he once again is unable to man properly and couldn't see through the speeds, which later results in a brutal crash outside the canyon.

Chuck E. wakes up in an underground cave, and is soon greeted by Harry, a wise hermit who bares an uncanny resemblance to Pasqually, who rescued him from the crash and brought him to his home to recover. Chuck E. realizes the Songbird has broken and he has no chance of winning now, and tells Harry of his racing situation, the fact he needs to win the race tomorrow to help Charlie, and his inability to handle Vega-2. Harry reveals the reason Chuck E. cannot handle Vega-2 like the X-Pilots is because he didn't do any training, and needs to have the correct skills to race properly. Chuck E. agrees to let Harry train him, and throughout the night, Harry guides Chuck E. through a series of ridiculous but sharp exercises to help him focus and discover his True Potential.

The following day at the soda shop, Astrid is stunned when Munch, Jasper, and Charlie have told her that Chuck E. has not shown up yet, and is devastated as she spent all her vacation savings to watch a real racer compete, and not the ones who are no-shows. The X-Pilots arrive and Astrid joins them, having revealed she had no likeness for Chuck E. as he thought and was only there for the prize money, and claims Peter and Ivan are "better" racers for her type. She leaves with them calling the trio the "table of losers", making them worry for Chuck E. more.

At the cave, Chuck E. has finished his training and Harry has mended the Songbird in that time; Chuck E. thanks Harry for helping him prepare, and he sees him off as he departs for the race. Meanwhile, Helen is trapped in the warehouse cellar along with a series of other captive chickens, but she manages to get out by using one of her feathers to pick the lock just as Dr. Zoom comes to juicify her. She knocks Dr. Zoom unconscious with a frying pan, and escapes the warehouse with the other chickens following behind.

With the Galaxy 5000 just moments away, Chuck E. arrives back at the gateway for everyone to welcome him back with relief. When Chuck E. sees Astrid flirting with Peter and Ivan and giving her handkerchief to them, he realizes her true nature and quips she got what she wanted. Helen also returns and apologizes to Chuck E. for the way she acted at the soda shop and was only going undercover, and Chuck E. apologizes back for excluding her and she's a true friend and teammate. Helen then tells the team about the Zoom Gas, and Chuck E. realizes everything before flying the Songbird to the starting line.

The Galaxy 5000 begins and Chuck E. begins passing the other racers before catching up with the X-Racer. Using the skills he learned from his training with Harry, he puts the Songbird into Vega-2 and succeeds at easily handling it, passing them and evading their cheating. Harry also watches Chuck E.'s success while Helen proceeds to let the police in on the X-Team's Zoom Gas secret. The X-Racer catches back up with the Songbird again and they blow dark exhaust all across the front of the Songbird, making it hard to see and Chuck E. is unable to pass them. The Songbird winds up in the Black Forest, resulting in them going off the race radar, but Chuck E. cannot take them out of Vega-2 otherwise they won't be able to catch up. Chuck E. manages to fly the Songbird out of the forest and back on the map, but they have fallen back to last place.

With the end of the race nigh, Chuck E. reveals the only way they can catch up is if they go the highest speed yet -- Vega-3, but he hasn't practiced going that fast and his teammates are uncertain. Harry calls Chuck E. over the CP radio to give him advice, but it quickly shorts out and loses reception, and Chuck E. begins to lose hope until Charlie admits he believes in him, prompting Jasper and Munch to also give their words of encouragement as well. The team sings I Know I Can as Chuck E. begins to gain confidence until he becomes self-assertive enough to activate Vega-3, and with that, he reaches Dead Man's Canyon and is successful at flying through without crashing. On the last stretch, the Songbird manages to get ahead of the X-Racer by mere inches, and crosses the finish line first, and Chuck E. wins much to the shock of the X-Team and Astrid, as Dr. Zoom is seized by the police.

Chuck E. and his friends regroup and they all cheer him for his victory, and Charlie thanks him that because he won, his aunt and uncle's farm is saved. Chuck E. happily admits not only Charlie helped him believe in himself, but his whole team did. He begins leading a celebration with everyone in the stadium as they sing and dance to We Did It, while Dr. Zoom and the X-Pilots are arrested and taken away to custody, but not before Astrid takes her handkerchief back and ditches them, and they argue once again.

The film ends with Chuck E. and his team getting their photo taken by the reporters, and a montage of stills over the course of their adventure is shown as the credits roll.








  • This movie marks the first and so far only movie from CEC Entertainment. However, a new live action film has been confirmed to be in the works. [1]
  • Those are Georgia Denney and Christopher Sabat's only film roles as Helen Henny and Mr. Munch, making this the only time the characters are voiced by different people rather than their normal actors (except for the unreleased Christmas special, The Christmas That Almost Wasn't.)
    • For the song, "The Real Me", however, Helen's singing voice is provided by Heather Garner.
  • This movie marks one of two times where Pasqually is a face character rather than his normal character costume, unlike most shows the chain has released. The other would be Bang the Drum All Day from the September 2011 Show.
    • Chuck E., Helen, Munch, and Jasper have articulated costume heads (blinking eyes and moving mouths), similar to the articulated heads for characters in the Disney Parks. These heads are from the Awesome Adventure Machine showtapes from 1996 to 1997, and this would be their final appearances to date prior to being discontinued due to budget restraints.
    • Chuck E. and Helen's heads were refurbished slightly; the former's eyes were changed and the fur got slightly lighter to match his "Avenger Chuck" appearance, while the latter's hair got longer and darker, with slightly bigger bows.
  • Chuck E. and Helen hint at their romantic relationship several times in the movie.
  • A clip from the movie plays in the BuzzzTube scene of Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet.[1]
  • The diner scenes were filmed in the showroom of the Chuck E. Cheese's Irving, Texas location, when it was still known as Showbiz Pizza at the time. The windows to the showroom were blocked by blinders, and the long party tables were replaced with round tables; it was filmed from the angle where the salad bar would be seen. The Rocker Stage (the current stage present when filming) was also blocked out of the shots, and only one of the monitors was used to show the Galaxy 5000 advertisement.
  • The Galaxy 5000 bears a strong reference to the Podracing sequence from Star Wars Episiode I: The Phantom Menace, which was released in May of the same year.
  • Both Helen and Munch's outfits had their colors modified to avoid interfering with the greenscreen; the former's hat and shoes became yellow like his shirt sleeves and his shoes became red, while the latter's cheerleader outfit was changed from green to purple, which becomes her main base outfit for later years of the Avenger era.
    • The sole difference with Helen's purple cheerleader outfit for the film was her logos were missing from her top and her sashes were thinner, likely due to being an early design of the outfit.
  • Chuck E.'s racing uniform (also seen on the car section of the SkyTubes) has several patches with fictional sponsors that parody real-life companies, such as:
    • Snap-Off (Smap-On)
    • Stop (STP)
    • Castoroil (Castrol)
    • America Onhold (America Online)
    • Dinky (possibly DuPoint)
    • Good Steer (Goodyear)
    • Wide (Tide)
    • Pennyoil (Pennzoil)
    • A Tommy Hilfiger-stylized Chuck E. Cheese logo
  • Chuck E.'s starting outfit is similar to his coach outfit from the Cool Chuck era, with a few minor changes:
    • The yellow oval was replaced with his trademark C, and the star on the back was removed.
    • His sneakers were changed to red and white.
    • His hat became red with a black C and brim (this was also used for his other walkarounds and Studio C animatronics).
    • He does not have a sports whistle or any similar device on his person.

Film Goofs[]

  • When the gang first lands on Orion, Helen, and Chuck E. are lying down supine on the ground. But in the next shot, when she gets up, she is sitting on top of him. Jasper, Munch, and Charlie also change positions from when they land.
    • In the same scene, the back of the head of Chuck E.'s performer can be visible for a few seconds when they land.
  • Due to the heads switching to the normal non-articulated heads in specific background shots where the face signals wouldn't work, the tragus in Chuck E.'s ears keeps disappearing and reappearing.
  • In the scene where Chuck E. succeeds at the human hamster wheel, the background behind Harry disappears for a split second, revealing a plain white screen.
  • A boom mic was visible in the top of the screen when Astrid stomps away after Chuck E. wins.


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