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Chuck E. Cheese has had a lot of video games published over the years. In total at least 52 video games have been made. Most of these games are minigames or party games.

All Published Games[]

Tux Era[]

Avenger Era[]

Rockstar Era[]

  • Chuck E. Rocks (2013-2018)
  • Chuck E. Cheese's Skate Universe (2014)
  • Chuck E. Cheese's Ticketblaster Game (2014)
  • Chuck E. Cheese's Party Galaxy (2015)
  • Chuck E. Cheese's Racing World (2018)


These are all the known developers of CEC Games.


  • The first ever CEC Video Game was released in 1993.
  • There are no CEC games in the PTT era.
  • The latest CEC game was published in 2018.
  • Chuck E. Cheese's Interactive Console let you control the cameras at a CEC location.


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