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Chuck E. Cheese Northridge Grand Re-Opening Show is the showtape released on November 10, 2023, to play exclusively for Northridge's Grand Re-opening event. The show features a variety of songs released from 2014-2023.

This show features no intermissions and would play six segments on repeat from around 5:30 - Closing.

Show List[]

Segment 1[]

Segment 2[]

Segment 3[]

Segment 4[]

Segment 5[]

  • Next Show Starts Soon
  • Munch's Make Believe Band Logo Intro
  • Chuck E. Cheese - “Lend A Helping Hand
  • Jasper T. Jowls - “Tail of Jasper T.
  • Chuck E. Cheese & Friends-"My Family"

Segment 6[]

Live Shows[]

  • Birthday Show (Navori)
  • Birthday Show (Spanish) (Navori)
  • Me & My Friends (Navori)
  • CEC Stage Diagnostic (Navori)


  • This would be the first showtape to have curtains officially programmed since the September 2005 Show.
  • At 7:50pm a countdown would start reading "Show Starts In" with a 10 minute countdown. Once finished playing, Together We've Got It 2017 would play.
  • According to Logan Carreiro (Chief Animatronics Officer), before the event officially began, Together We've Got It 89 played on the cyber stage, but no recordings exist.
  • The "Next Show Starts Soon" is around a minute long.
  • Munch's Make Believe Band Logo Intro is used about 5 seconds of the Cyberstar Intro audio.