Chuck E. Cheese





Voice Actor:

Scott Wilson (1990-1993)
Duncan Brannan (1993-1997)

Tux Chuck is the second iteration of Chuck E. Cheese. His era began in 1990 with the onset of Concept Unification, a project that would truly merge CEC with its rival company: Showbiz Pizza Inc.


“Tux”, as he is called, took a drastic turn from the earlier, harsher Chuck E. Cheese character. He now wore a tuxedo (similar to Mickey Mouse) as opposed to the familiar red vest, and had a much more snappy, upbeat personality. The band itself, now known as Munch’s Make Believe Band, really adopted the whole band dynamic at this point. This era was during the boom era in the 90’s, and though it was short lived, it is arguably one of the most iconic and remembered eras.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tux Chuck was a gray-furred mouse that wore a black tuxedo with gold or yellow lapels and a matching waist covering over a white shirt with one or two black or white buttons and a large red bow tie tied around the neck. He also wore long black pants and black and white saddle shoes (the latter two not being shown in the animatronic versions of the character). Chuck retained his signature red and yellow derby hat and long whiskers for the final time in this design.