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Chuck E. Cheese (Avenger Era)
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“It’s your favorite mouse, me!”





Voice Actor:

Duncan Brannan (1999-2012)
Jeremy Blaido (1998)

"Avenger Chuck" or "Cool Chuck" is the third iteration of Chuck E. Cheese.


The third incarnation of Chuck E. began in 1996. He still had the same personality as Tux Chuck, but was exclusive to commercials. He was dressed as a skater in the advertisements, but never had the personality of one. Avenger Chuck went back to the roots of Tux Chuck and became an every man who loved to entertain with his friends. He always tried to keep things in control, though he has lost his temper with the band in a few shows. At the end of the day, he loves his guests and wants to be where they are. He’s also known for playing the saxophone and sometimes the electric guitar in most showtapes and commercials.

The Chuck E. Cheese's Logo From 1994 - December 2005, February 2006-Present

In 1998, Studio C was introduced to the public with a new look, and another Chuck E. shift. Chuck E. was this time voiced by Jeremy Blaido, who would eventually become the voice of Jasper T. Jowls. Studio C was meant to replicate a news studio, which unfortunately gave Chuck E. a bland personality. After CEC Entertainment couldn’t afford to replace the existing stages with Studio C, they dropped the News Show format and went back to the band dynamic. This is when the modern Chuck E. really started to form. Duncan was hired back on the job of voicing Chuck E. and he was in that role until 2012.

Physical Description

Avenger Chuck is a six foot tall mouse with gray fur, tan skin, and blue eyes. He wears a purple and green t-shirt with a green-and-yellow "C" on the front, a purple, green, and yellow baseball cap worn backwards, black skater gloves, green shorts with a confetti pattern, yellow socks, and black and white sneakers with red laces.

Cool Chuck wears a red baseball cap with a yellow "C" on the front and a yellow sweatshirt with green stripes at the shoulders. He also wears a blue shirt with a red and yellow "C" on it, and red and yellow stripes at the end, as well as khaki shorts. This one was used on all animatronics until the Avenger outfit was produced. 

Cool Chuck was designed and animated by Dan Peeler and Charlie Rose, who were previously responsible for Tux Chuck.

The Avenger walk around character


  • This is the only version of Chuck E. Cheese not to include a tail in the design, and the first to wear a purple shirt with a C on it. It was also one of the the only ones to be viewed on PBS Kids, the other being Rockstar.
  • It is unknown where the "Avenger" name came from. The first instance of it was used in a costume character manual given to stores in order to train their cast members, but this did not explain the origin of the name.
  • This is, by far, one of the most popular and well-known versions of the character.


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