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Chuck E. Cheese's Sketch Book is a photobooth arcade game developed by ICE, commonly found inside Chuck E. Cheese restaurants. It was produced in 2002 before being added to the public in 2003. This is very similar to the Chuck E. Cheese's Photo Ride.


The photobooth allows guests to have their picture taken and digitally sketched out in black and white by Chuck E. Cheese himself, before being printed out as a souvenir.

After inserting the tokens or tapping the Play Pass card, Chuck E. will greet you and the user is asked to choose between taking a single-person portrait or a two-person landscape picture. Once the choice is made, the user has to line up their faces in the outline shown onscreen by aligning themselves with the camera lens. Then, Chuck E. begins a countdown from 5, and once it's finished, the picture is taken.

The picture will then be digitally sketched out onto the screen, with Chuck E. sometimes stopping to give comments. On occasion, Chuck E. will deliberately make a mistake before quickly "correcting" them. After the sketch is finished, music will play for about a minute while the photo is printing, and after about 10 - 15 seconds, the picture will be dispensed through a cubbyhole at the bottom of the machine for the user to take. If Chuck E. has not finished sketching the picture after about a minute and a half, the picture will finish automatically.



  • "Welcome to Chuck E. Cheese’s Sketch Book! Just follow the easy step by step instructions. After you pose, you’ll be able to watch me draw your sketch right before your very own eyes!"

Taking picture[]

  • "Position yourself on the screen. Look at the camera between the arrows and wait for the snapshot."
  • "Now, smile! The countdown is about to begin!"
  • "5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Smile for Chuck E.!" (camera clicks)


  • "Let's get started on your masterpiece!"
  • "Let's get started on your portrait!"
  • "First, I'll start with an outline."
  • "Just another minute, and we'll be done!"
  • "Now, let's add the final touches!"
  • "Almost done!"
  • "Whoops!"
  • "What am I doing?"
  • "I'll just take care of that right now."
  • "Uh-oh!"
  • "Oh, what a mess! Let me fix this."
  • "Uh-oh, my hand slipped!"
  • "A little more shading here..."
  • "You'll wanna bring this one home!"
  • "Are you sure you ever modeled before?"
  • "You look great!"
  • "Looks great!"
  • "That's nice!"
  • "You'll want to hang this one in the family gallery!"
  • "Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!"
  • "This is some of my best work!"
  • "I like the expression in your eyes!"
  • "Looks good, huh?"
  • "There, got it!"
  • "What a masterpiece!"
  • "Oh, look at the time! I've gotta finish this quickly!" (If Chuck E. has not finished sketching after a minute and a half)


  • "Thank you for using Chuck E Cheese's Sketch Book! Your sketch is printing and will be ready in less than a minute!"