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Chuck E. Cheese's Racing World is a competitive racing game released in 2018 and was created by zGames.


Chuck E. Cheese’s Racing World is an arcade mobile racing game designed to help market CEC Entertainment Inc.'s entertainment centers and restaurants. The player goes up against A.I. racers and competes for 1st place. Players used to be able to earn up to 500 tickets that could then be redeemed at real-world participating Chuck E. Cheese locations. The game is very similar to other racing games, but what set it apart was the unique gimmick of winning real-world prizes, which is something few other racing games have done. Sadly, the feature was removed shortly after release for unknown reasons.


The game features 3 playable characters, each with their own unique vehicles:

  • Chuck E. Cheese - Red sports car
  • Jasper T. Jowls - Blue pickup truck
  • Helen Henny - Pink formula car

The game also features plenty of different play styles such as mission & quick race as the main modes, as well as 3 different difficulties: easy, medium, and hard. Some addition modes include regular race, battle royale, and time trial as separate modes for each of the tracks. The game used to, and still does, feature 3 tracks. However, some were removed and replaced with others, or just simply renamed. No one is certain on why this was done.

Current Tracks[]

Name Description
Beach Party Bash "Race down at the beach at Chuck E.'s Beach Party Bash!"
Planet Purple "Speed through Munch's home, the Planet Purple!"
Wild West "Jasper's favorite track, racing through the Wild West! Yee Haw!"

Former Tracks[]

Name Description
Restaurant Pro Was later removed and replaced by "Beach Party Bash"
Galaxy's Fastest Was later renamed to "Planet Purple"
Hoedown Throwdown Was later renamed to "Wild West"

From the footage and screenshots we have, it seems that the "Restaurant Pro" track was themed after a "Pizza & Games" (2.0) remodeled store. The drivers would appear to be shrunken down as you race from table to table. The scenery would include real wall art seen in stores, as well as pizza, drinks, balloons, cake, candy, and other party themed goodies.

Items & Misc.[]

Chuck E. Cheese’s Racing World is very similar to other racing games. An example of this is the power-ups, a staple of most kart racing games. The game features 2 power-ups; a speed boost power-up, and a water ball power-up. Other than those 2 power-ups, the game has boost pads, but those aren't really considered "power-ups" as they are not obtained through item boxes like the rest.

Speed Boost[]

The speed boost is the most straight forward power-up. When used, it grants the user a speed boost for a brief period of time.

Water Ball[]

The water ball acts as the projectile item. It can be thrown at other drivers to spin them out.

Boost Pad[]

Boost pads are placed throughout the layout of the track. They essentially work just like the Speed Boost power-up, however instead of having to drive into an item box and get one, drivers can just drive over a boost pad and it will grant them a speed boost for a brief period of time.


  • Chuck E. Cheese’s Racing World has a lot of small details such as Chuck E.'s license plate reading "CEC-77", a clear reference to when the first Chuck E. Cheese's opened in 1977. Other characters also have dates on their plates with Jasper's reading "CEC-88" and Helen's reading "CEC-99", however those are less notable and seem to have little to no correlation with anything.
  • Billboards can be found on the "Wild West" track that reference various pieces of CEC media, such as "Uncle Jed's Auto Repair" (a reference to the Every Boy, Every Girl 2017 remake) and "Harmony Howlette Rodeo" (a reference to the PTT guest star, Harmony Howlette).
  • Though Mr. Munch has his own track, "Planet Purple", he's never actually seen in the game. Pasqually also does not make an appearance.
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s Racing World actually has 2 control options; tilt controls, and touch controls.
  • The game's GUI has changed many times throughout development. Originally, it would show pedal graphics for touch mode, and a more generic progress bar on top with your driver being represented by a standard car icon rather than their head.
  • There is no way to brake in Chuck E. Cheese’s Racing World. This is likely just because it's a mobile game, but the lack of breaks can sometimes lead to glitches.
  • Chuck E. Cheese's Racing World is compatible with all 64 bit devices, including iPhone & iPad, as well as most Android devices, including phones & tablets.


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